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Which people are not suitable to drink stomach nourishing porridge? These people should be careful n

Most people think that eating porridge can nourish the stomach and help their health, so many people with stomach diseases and gastrointestinal discomfort like to drink porridge to nourish the stomach. However, not every patient with stomach diseases is suitable for porridge. Some patients with stomach diseases not only can't nourish their stomach, but also backfire and aggravate their stomach diseases. So who is not suitable to drink stomach nourishing porridge? The editor of this article will tell you which people are not suitable for porridge. Please compare them in detail and carefully choose whether it is suitable for stomach nourishing porridge.

Who should not drink porridge to nourish the stomach?

1. Patients with gastric ulcer or superficial gastritis

For ulcer patients, whether they drink porridge or eat porridge, it will stimulate the stomach, resulting in more gastric acid secretion. A large amount of gastric acid seriously stimulates the ulcer surface or gastric mucosa, hinders the healing of ulcer wounds, and even aggravates ulcers. Therefore, patients with gastric ulcer or superficial gastritis should not rely on porridge or porridge to relieve stomach pain. It is suggested to add some baking soda when cooking porridge to neutralize gastric acid and maintain the stomach.

2. Patients with reflux esophagitis

The living standard of modern people has been greatly improved. People eat well and eat full, which leads to a large amount of gastric acid secreted by the stomach and leads to reflux esophagitis.

Such patients must not drink porridge to nourish their stomach, because drinking porridge will greatly improve the secretion of gastric acid, and because porridge is fluid, eating too much porridge will make the stomach easier to reflux, which is not conducive to alleviating gastric diseases. It is suggested that patients with reflux esophagitis can eat more alkaline foods, such as steamed bread and soda biscuits, to neutralize gastric acid and alleviate gastric discomfort. Other stomach nourishing methods

1、 We must eat breakfast and eat warm food. After a whole night's sleep, our stomach will digest the food we eat. If you don't eat breakfast and don't eat until noon, your stomach will be hungry for a long time, which will cause excessive gastric acid secretion, which is easy to cause gastritis and gastric ulcer. You can't eat breakfast casually. You must follow the following points: 1. Eat breakfast half an hour after getting up. 2. Be sure to chew and swallow slowly. 3. Nutrition should be balanced and the heat should be just right.

2、 The most important thing is to eat carefully and slowly. We all pay attention to rich nutrition, but do you know? Eating carefully and slowly is more important than how much nutrition food contains! This is because food must be chewed before entering the intestines and stomach, and then digested by gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to convert large particles of food into small particles, and finally into absorbable nutritional molecules. If you eat too fast and chew food inadequately, the absorption of nutrients in food by the intestines and stomach will be hindered, which will also increase the burden on the intestines and stomach.

3、 Good eating habits are very important. In order to reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach, we must eat less and more meals. It's good to eat only seven minutes full. Do not eat irritating food, such as spicy, fried and smoked food. Don't overeat. Be sure to eat on time and exercise 30 minutes after eating.