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How to deal with wheel puddle slip? A clever way to solve wheel puddle slip

What if the wheels get stuck in mud or snow? This kind of situation is most common in winter and on the ground after the rain. It's really troublesome if you fall into it accidentally. Generally, you will find tools such as a trailer to pull the car out, but what if you even see a personal shadow in the wild?

Solution to wheel slip in mud pit

1. Find a board or stick first. The premise is that it should be very strong. Binding is very simple. It must be fixed under the tire. See the effect in the following picture to know how practical it is.

2. It's ok if you can't find the board and stick in your place. The second trick is that cars with spare tires basically have this tool, that is, the wrench for unloading wheel screws, clamp the wrench onto the screw, and then find a cloth strip to fix the wrench. See the effect diagram below.

This is a personal experiment. It's very practical and feels good. Just share it with your family and friends.