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How to raise water turtles? Methods and precautions for breeding water turtles

Water turtle, alias: Yellow throated water turtle, stone golden Qian turtle, yellow plate turtle, yellow turtle and fragrant turtle. They belong to chordate phylum. They are good at swimming and live in the water for a long time. Yellow throated pseudoturtles inhabit in hilly areas, mountain streams, basins and river waters in semi mountainous areas. They live in rivers, rice fields and lakes in the wild. They also often move in nearby shrubs and grass. They often swim in the water and look for food during the day. They like to be on land in sunny days and sometimes climb on the bank to bask in the sun. Now many families also choose water turtles. How to breed water turtles and what aspects should be paid attention to? Today, Xiaobian brought you the method of breeding water turtles. Let's learn it together.

1. In the process of feeding, breeders should feed turtles with a variety of foods and multiple nutrients. In the young period of water turtles, breeders can feed mainly carnivorous food to help water turtles grow rapidly and healthily. With the growth of water turtles, in daily life, breeders should gradually cultivate the habit of omnivorous diet of water turtles. This is also more conducive to turtles to absorb more comprehensive and rich nutrition. When meeting the needs of aquarium growth, it can also help turtles enhance their physical resistance and environmental adaptability.

2. Turtles are very sensitive to the ambient temperature in their life, especially at the turn of seasons. The large change of external temperature will also seriously affect the normal life of turtles. Therefore, in the process of managing turtles, breeders should keep the ambient temperature stable, especially when the seasons alternate and the temperature difference changes in the morning and evening, control the temperature change and control the temperature change within 5 ° C as far as possible.

3. Domestic pet turtles are kept in a relatively narrow closed water body. However, with the feeding and excretion of turtles, it is easy to lead to the rapid deterioration of water quality, which is easy to lead to a variety of incurable diseases. To this end, like raising water turtles, we must first raise water. Change the water regularly, clean the fish tank, and disinfect the turtle and its living environment regularly. While maintaining clean water quality, it also avoids the harassment of turtles by various parasites.