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Dumpling making skills: how to make dumplings is not easy to break the skin

A healthy diet can make the body get more nutrition, but the quality of daily diet can not be guaranteed when we are full. We must buy some fresh and nutritious food, so we must choose good ingredients when buying food. So what kind of dumpling skin is good? Let's have a look!

As the saying goes, dumplings are one of the favorite pasta of northerners. One of the tips to make dumplings is fragrant filling, the other is tough skin. Many people don't have a problem with stuffing, but they can't make dumpling skin. When they buy ready-made dumpling skin, the surface is thick and weak, and the taste is bad. It's easy to break when cooking. Today, I'll tell you the tips of making dumpling skin to ensure that you can eat delicious hand-made dumplings without breaking the skin.

Dumpling powder for dumpling skin

Dumplings naturally use flour and flour to make skin. Flour is also exquisite. There are high gluten powder, snowflake powder and dumpling powder on the market. With dumpling powder and noodles as skin, the dumpling skin is stronger, more transparent and tastes better. Heart knot is usually made of dumpling powder and noodles.

Add salt to noodles

If you want the dumpling skin to be more tenacious, add some salt in the water when mixing noodles. The amount is not much. The stirred noodles dissolved in the water and come out are particularly strong. The cooked dumpling skin is not easy to break, but also has more flavor.

Beat eggs with noodles

If it is a low salt crowd, do not add salt when mixing noodles. The effect of adding eggs is the same, and it is more nutritious. It is appropriate to add 1-2 eggs to a kilogram of flour.

The dough needs to be kneaded

And dumpling noodles are also knowledge. The noodles are too hard and easy to pinch tightly when sealing; The noodles are too soft and easy to collapse. The dumplings are out of shape. The noodles should be moderate, slightly softer than the ordinary noodles, and need to wake up for half an hour, and then knead until the surface is smooth.

Roll dumplings evenly

People who are afraid of broken dumpling skin usually think that the dumpling skin is too thin, so they deliberately roll it thicker, but the dumplings produced in this way taste too bad. If you want the dumpling skin to be unbroken, you must roll it evenly in thickness and size. When cooking, you can avoid boiling in the thin place and not cooking in the thick place.

Boiled dumpling water with salt

If you want to make dumplings without breaking the skin, cooking is also the key. Xinjie 201 add a little salt to the water when cooking dumplings, so that the dumplings will not break or stick; When cooking, you don't often stir it with a spoon, otherwise you'll break the dumplings.

matters needing attention

The rolled dumpling skin must not be blown by the wind, otherwise it will break as soon as it is boiled.

We all know that only by ensuring the quality of diet can we make our body healthier, so we should pay more attention to some details when choosing food, and try to choose fresh and nutritious food. Therefore, friends who like to eat dumpling skin can buy according to the good introduction of what kind of dumpling skin mentioned above.