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How to buy washing machine? Washing machine purchase skills pay attention to these aspects

Washing machine is an essential household appliance, so choosing a good and appropriate washing machine has a very important impact on the quality of family life. So how to buy a washing machine? What should we pay attention to when choosing a washing machine? This article summarizes the skills of choosing washing machines for you. I hope you can buy suitable and satisfactory washing machines.

Washing machine purchasing skills

1. The wave wheel is economical and the roller has comprehensive functions

At present, the washing units in the market are divided into wave wheel and drum. The wave wheel adopts cold water washing, which has simple structure, time-saving, labor-saving and power-saving, and the price is relatively low. The drum washing machine has a heating function, which is suitable for the cleaning of all kinds of clothing materials. It is better than the wave wheel washing machine in terms of cleanliness and loss rate, but the price is relatively high.

2. Capacity should be combined with the actual needs of the family

When we buy a washing machine, we also need to consider its capacity, which means the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine. It is mainly in kg. At present, the mainstream washing machines on the market are mainly between 6 and 10kg. Generally, it is enough for a family of three to choose a maximum washing capacity of about 5 to 8kg. The specific purchase size needs to be considered in combination with their own actual situation.

3. Choose 3C certified famous brand products

When purchasing a washing machine, users also need to see whether it has passed the national 3C certification. Usually, we can see this sign on the body or outer package of the washing machine. If we buy a drum washing machine, we also need to carefully check the production license issued by the state, factory name, address, certificate of conformity and other relevant accessories, which we all need to see clearly.