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How to operate real estate registration? What should we pay attention to when handling real estate r

When buying a house, there will be the step of real estate registration, but the concept of real estate registration must be unclear to many people. Ordinary people can't touch this concept at ordinary times, so how to operate real estate registration? What should we pay attention to when handling real estate registration? As a system to improve the market economy, we need everyone to understand. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand what real estate registration is.

How to operate real estate registration?

1. To submit an application: the real estate registration authority at the county level is responsible for real estate registration and accepts the guidance and supervision of the superior people's real estate registration department.

2. Materials to be prepared: registration application, identity certificate, source certificate of real estate ownership, etc;

3. On site inspection: on site inspection by the real estate registration authority;

4. To complete the registration: complete the real estate registration procedures within 30 working days and the legal real estate certificate.

What should we pay attention to when handling real estate registration?

1. The old certificate is still valid, and the new certificate and the old certificate will be used in parallel for a period of time.

2. It will not be forced to renew the certificate

3. There is only one more process for handling the new certificate. The procedures for handling the real estate certificate are the same as those for the original real estate certificate, and there is no need to increase any cost. The difference is that the transfer of real estate certificate only needs to copy the drawings directly, while the real estate certificate needs to reissue a coded drawing to the surveying and Mapping Institute.

4. Small property right houses do not issue certificates. Many legal persons said that according to China's existing laws, small property right houses are actually houses without property rights, and there is no basis to include them in the unified registration of real estate.

5. It has no direct impact on the property market. The industry generally believes that the real estate ownership certificate has no direct impact on the property market. Zheng shulun, director of Shenzhen Zhongyuan, pointed out that real estate registration is actually an extension of the previous property law to enhance the protection of real estate, but it has no direct impact on house prices for the time being. Wang Feng, core director of Shenzhen real estate research, believes that at present, there are many real estate properties in China for rent, and the real estate tax is also included in the fixed real estate tax. Therefore, owners may not be eager to sell their properties due to the reform of the tax system, resulting in the decline of house prices.

6. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and administrative regulations, except those involving state secrets. The announcement shall be made at the portal website of the real estate registration authority, the location of the real estate and other designated places, and the announcement period shall not be less than 15 working days. The time required for announcement is not included in the registration period. If there is no objection or the objection is not tenable at the expiration of the announcement, it shall be recorded in the real estate register in time.