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How to choose humidifier and how to use humidifier correctly

There are three types of humidifiers: ultrasonic humidifier, pure humidifier and electric heating humidifier. So how to buy and clean the humidifier? Let's have a look!

【1】 Selection principle of humidifier

The selection of humidifier depends on the water quality. It doesn't matter which one you choose for families with purified water or areas with good water quality. If the water quality is poor or the air quality of the room requiring humidification is poor, you should choose pure or electric heating humidifier. The humidifier water tank must be carefully selected. When selecting, carefully observe whether the appearance and interior of the water tank are intact and whether the capacity of the water tank can meet their own needs. After sales service should not be underestimated. When buying, we must choose the brand of professional manufacturers.

【2】 Precautions for use of humidifier

Keep away from other household appliances and furniture; Do not start the machine under the condition of no water; If you want to increase the humidity of the room in a short time, you'd better close the doors and windows; The ambient temperature shall be 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, and water with temperature lower than 40 ℃ shall be used. Non professional additives shall not be added to the water. It is best to change the water every day to prevent the microorganisms in the water from emitting into the air and affecting health.

When working, the humidifier should be far away from other household appliances, and it is best to keep a distance of about 1m from other household appliances and furniture. When the ultrasonic humidifier is turned on, it will spray cold fog. When using it, avoid being too close to the human body to prevent catching a cold.

【3】 How to clean the humidifier

The maintenance of pure humidifier is more convenient. You only need to change the evaporator and filter screen every 1-2 years. The electric heating humidifier needs to clean the scale in the water tank regularly.

Do not put the machine into water during cleaning; The cleaning water temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃; Do not use hard objects to scrape away the scale, and do not use detergent, kerosene, alcohol and other cleaning methods to clean the body and components, so as not to damage the parts. When the humidifier is not used for a long time, the residual water in the sink and water tank shall be poured out, and all parts shall be cleaned, wiped and dried before being put into the packing box for storage.

The ultrasonic humidifier directly adding tap water must be cleaned with special cleaning agent at least once a month, otherwise the accumulated scale may block or even burn the machine. When cleaning the ultrasonic humidifier, it is necessary to open the water tank and use a special cleaning agent to remove the scale accumulated on the atomizer inside the machine.