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Can't Bellington Terrier be raised in China? Answer your question about raising Bellington

Dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind. Many stories about dogs and their owners are also touching. In China, many people like famous dogs with pure blood. Bellington Terrier is also a dog species that has attracted much attention in recent years, but it is rare in China, and the price of Bellington Terrier is also relatively expensive. There is a saying that China can't raise Bellington terriers, so today Xiaobian will tell you the methods and reasons why China can't raise Bellington terriers.

Is Bellington Terrier easy to raise:

Generally speaking, when young bellingtons come to a new environment, they are often highly nervous due to fear, and any large sound and action may be frightened. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid loud noise, let alone many people watching and teasing out of curiosity. It's best to put it directly into the kennel or arrange a rest place indoors, and get used to it for a period of time before approaching it.

The best time to approach the dog is when feeding. At this time, you can push the food down in front of the puppy, treat it with a gentle tone, or gently touch its back hair. The food to be fed should be what the dog particularly likes to eat, such as meat and bones. But it may not eat at first. There is no need to hurry and force it to eat. After adapting, it will eat automatically.

If it goes out of the kennel or walks freely indoors, it indicates that it has preliminarily adapted to the new environment. In addition, puppies must be trained to defecate in a fixed place. Dogs have such a habit that when they come to the new environment, they think the place where they sleep for the first time is the safest. In the future, they will come to this place every night without going beyond thunder. Therefore, when he sleeps the first night, he must be locked up in the kennel or the designated sleeping place indoors, even for adult dogs. After a few days, it will be fixed. If it is occasionally found sleeping in other places, it is necessary to take it back to its original place and issue the password of "here".

Puppies can fully adapt to the new environment after 3 ~ 5 days. During this period, the host should be friendly to him, not to mention temper, beating and scolding him. If the puppy does something according to the owner's requirements, it should be rewarded in time to let it know that it is the owner's favorite thing. If it does something wrong, as long as it seriously says' no ', it will know that it is not allowed by the owner.

In the stage of puppies adapting to the environment, escape should be prevented. Once the puppy is found to be secretive, evasive and disobedient, it must be stopped immediately and reprimanded so that it will not escape again.

You should pay attention to the nursing knowledge of Bellington Terrier hair changing

For people with dogs, especially those with long haired dogs, the fur loss of the Bellington Terrier is particularly severe at this time, which is the most prominent feeling. Sometimes you can touch the Bellington terrier's back with your hand, and you can get a lot of dog hair on your hand. Short haired dogs such as spots also have such problems, but the fur of short haired dogs is not as obvious as long haired dogs.

The reason for changing the fur of Bellington Terrier is that when the temperature is high in spring and summer, the thick fur of Bellington Terrier will be taken off and grow some thin and soft fur. These new fur will not hinder the heat emission like the thick fur in winter, but it can well protect the skin and avoid too much UV damage to the skin.

Family cleaning of Bellington Terrier during hair changing period: frequent grooming of Bellington Terrier during this period is the first step of family cleaning. By combing, the hair falling off the skin will fall on the comb in an organized way, so that there will be less hair on the sofa or bed sheet. Moreover, there are many good tools for dipping and dealing with dog hair on the market for you to choose, such as electrostatic brush, sticky paper roll, etc. even if you comb your dog's hair very frequently, some hair will stick to clothes or furniture. You can easily dip the hair with these tools. For hair under the bed or in the corner, it's best to use a vacuum cleaner.

Bellington Terrier skin disease, which is easily confused with dog hair change. When Bellington Terrier hair change, there will be no itching, dandruff or local redness and swelling. Don't take it for granted that all the conditions related to hair loss are normal during the hairdressing period of the Bellington terrier. It may also be that the Bellington Terrier has dermatitis, fungal infection, mustard mite or other skin diseases.

The nursing of Bellington Terrier during the hair changing period. There is no need to supplement any nutrition during the hair changing period in spring and summer. A normal diet is OK. Just comb the Bellington Terrier more than usual, so that the hair that has fallen off the skin can be combed smoothly. If not cleaned in time, the fallen hair will stick to other hair and form knots or hair balls.

Can't Bellington Terrier be raised in China

Bellington Terrier is as cute as a lamb, but its name can still be seen on the list of banned dogs in many areas, and China is no exception. Why is such a lovely dog banned? Because under its beautiful appearance, there is the soul of a cheetah. It is competitive. When it goes out for a walk, it will bite anyone who is unhappy. Such a competitive and aggressive dog is a mobile bomb, so he is listed as a banned dog. However, some countries and regions still allow it.