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Top ten most popular fantasy writers. It turns out they look like this

Fantasy novels are a very important category of network novels. There are many readers of fantasy novels, so it promotes the continuous renewal of excellent fantasy novels. Fantasy novels leave readers a very large space for imagination and thinking, so they can arouse readers' strong interest. So do you know who the authors of those fantasy novels you love to read? Do you know who are the hottest and most popular fantasy writers in 2018? Xiaobian will announce the top ten authors of fantasy novels for you, and the three young Tang family of Tianchan Tudou will be on the list.

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; 1. Writers' war drama princes

The princes of beacon fire drama are also famous among the top ten writers of fantasy novels. His novels "the best childe" and "Chen Ergou's evil life" are also very hot up to now. In particular, the new work "fierce knife in the snow" has attracted countless attention.

2. Writer Tian silkworm potato

Tiansilkworm Tudou became famous with the first World War of "breaking through the sky". Until now, there are many derivative works of "breaking through the sky", including animation, games, movies and surrounding. It's definitely a classic among classics. Moreover, the quality of his works is very high, and the following "Wu Dong heaven and earth" and "great master" are also hot fantasy novels.

3 writer Tang Jiasan Shao

Tang family sanshao is the most famous among the top ten writers of fantasy novels, not only because of his works, but also because of his high income. Has been ranked in the income ranking of online writers. In 2014, the royalty was as high as 50 million, and in 2017, the royalty doubled, even as high as 120 million.

4 Xiao Ding

Xiao Ding is also a well-known online writer. His masterpiece Zhu Xian is well-known. Now when it comes to online fantasy novels, we have to mention Zhu Xian. So Xiao Ding is also a veteran among the top ten writers of fantasy novels.

I eat tomatoes

Eating tomatoes is also a very famous God and character in the top ten writers of fantasy novels. His works are also classics. In particular, "Panlong" and "change of stars" can be said to determine the direction of online writing, which not only caused a great sensation at that time, but also caused later people to compete for imitation.

6 ear roots

Ergen is a platinum writer of the starting point Chinese network. He loves Chinese classical fairy tales and creates online novels on this basis.

Author Chen Dong

As a famous writer of fantasy novels, Chen Dong's works are also numerous classics. Especially "divine tomb", "cover the sky" and "perfect world", in which Chendong created the flow of ancient war and mysterious suspense with the book "divine tomb". It can be said that it has milestone significance.

8 forgetting words

As the author of the biography of mortals cultivating immortals, forgetting language also created the novel of the flow of mortals. The 'spiritual root' and 'trading system' set in the novel are now used. The protagonist of his novel is' ordinary people achieve extraordinary things', which is also loved by many readers.

9 fishy

Maoni, whose real name is Xiaofeng, was born in Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province in 1977. He is a famous network writer.

10 dream into the magic machine

Dream into magic is definitely the representative of fantasy writers. His "Buddha is the Tao" created the mysterious door of the famine novels, opened the new trend of the immortal Xia novels, and established the school of "flood flow". And dream into the divine machine also laid the foundation for the 'national skill flow' network literature school&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;