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What is tiktok tiktok?

What is tiktok tiktok?

Sihai tiktok: Recently, the users are crazy about chattering. They are looking for Wang Xiaoyu. Do you know who Wang Xiaoyu is? The reason is that there is a boy with a shoulder bag on the tiktok. He has written the words "Wang Xiaoyu" where you are in the LED screen behind the backpack. Who is Wang Xiaoyu? Let's have a look.

Who is the tiktok?

Tiktok, who is currently the video user, has not explained that she may have been making a random shot at the time of her own passing, and then she has been on the flick. Of course, from the rolling subtitles, we can also know what's going on.

Caption: 'Wang Xiaoyu, where are you? I haven't seen you for three years. I'm rich. I want to marry you. "

In such a simple sentence, we should see that the man here broke up with his lover three years ago. Maybe he broke up due to the economic pressure in life, or he was in low self-esteem and felt unable to give each other a future, or he was disappointed in himself. Now the man may have grown up and made some money, and then he wants to find his lover again.

Of course, from the perspective of dress, the man is an UU errand employee, but the backpack at the back is really eye-catching.

Netizens also wrote their own thoughts on this:

"Why bother? Is the game not fun or the food not delicious?"

'touch love '

'I'm sorry, forget me. I'm married. I wish you all the rest of your life.'