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How does Virgo transit? Let good luck be with you

In daily life, people will inevitably have bad luck for a period of time. At this time, they always hope to do something to help them transit. In fact, whether it's useful or not, it's also to find sustenance for the soul. I feel that if I do something, my luck will not be so bad. So let's see how the twelve constellations can transit.

Virgo, don't hold your face tightly. Smile. Go out and relax. Maybe luck will come? Is it interesting that you hide in the house all day, either at work or after work? What surprises can there be in this boring life?

How does Virgo transit

Virgo, who is also the guardian of mercury, has a very different attitude towards life from Gemini. Perhaps the source is precisely because the significance of mercury carried by Virgo lies in detailed analysis and organization. It is also because of the attention to details that Virgo's destiny is changing with some seemingly crazy rational paranoia. Whether it is in the good direction or the bad direction, the adaptation period is always too long, because in Virgo's eyes, every step of life should be reasonable.

The impression of good fortune: usually includes being entrusted with important tasks when encountering difficult and complex topics; When there is enough time for them to formulate rules and regulations for a group; When you become an account manager; Enter a regular and almost invariable working environment.

Impressions of bad fate: usually including small mistakes; Disputes with others; Property loss; When the customary articles are plundered or broken; When the rules and regulations deemed reasonable are destroyed by others; When you need to go back and forth between unfamiliar and familiar environments; When there is a small disease in the body.

Virgo is delicate, considerate, modest and cautious, and pursues perfection. Its transportation secret is tourism. Because Virgo people are cautious and meticulous about things, they often maintain a high degree of concentration. Traveling can make Virgo relax and enjoy both body and mind. When you are happy physically and mentally, good luck will follow. Virgo wears white jade, which helps to eliminate troubles and reconcile body and mind.

When Virgo is plagued with bad luck, you can consider wearing gold earrings. As we all know, gold goods have a strong effect of exorcism and refuge, and because they are extremely valuable, they can slightly improve a person's financial situation. As long as one aspect of fortune improves, it will drive other fortunes, so as to suppress bad luck and help Virgo transit. But because Virgo's bad luck is generally more direct, so the jewelry you wear should be conspicuous, so you choose earrings.

Virgo transit script

1、 Wrap a hair with a phone card with white paper to transport yourself.

2、 Honesty and justice are the characteristics of virgins. I suggest you put the light blue balloon with your name in the corner of the bedroom to increase your luck.