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How does summer facial skin exude oil to do? How to deal with oily skin in summer?

In summer, for many girls, sitting in front of the computer for a long time will produce oil on their face. Most of the first things girls think about are oil control and sunscreen, and most of them also put oil control and sunscreen in the first place. A lot of people also have a question, why does summer face always love to give oil?

How to improve oil output in summer

If it's just because of the season, the skin is prone to oil, but the oil output is not large, as long as the face cleaning is done carefully. However, if it is oily skin, how to improve the oil problem in summer?

Wash face with hot and cold water: first, wash face with hot water to make pores open, which can clean all stains in pores. The temperature of water should be controlled at about 40 ℃. If the temperature is too high, your capillaries may expand, resulting in more oil secretion. So it is better to control the temperature at about 40 ℃. When you wash your face with hot water, you should use cleanser, soap and other cleaning products. But when you wash your face with cold water, you should not use it. Cold water is to shrink your pores and reduce the secretion of sebum. In this way, wash your face at least twice a day.

Wash face with living water: living water is the water in the tap, and dead water is the water in the basin. It is easy to get acne when washing face with the basin, because the principle of cleaning the skin with cleaning products is to use chemical reaction to produce precipitated small particles, which in turn may block the pores, so acne will grow, especially oily skin. The pores are thick and easy to block the pores. In order to reduce this situation, people with oily skin should use faucets or showers to wash their faces.

Master the right way to wipe your face: in fact, the best way to wipe your face is not to wipe your face, natural air drying, but some people are not comfortable with the wet face, and some people can't stand it. Then use a slightly healthy way to wipe your face - press your face with a towel, and dip it with water. Of course, the pressure should be small. Most people are used to rubbing with towel on their face, which is easy to stimulate skin and block pores.

Choose the right cleanser: oily skin is mainly due to water shortage, while soap and cleanser are relatively easy to cause skin moisture loss, so you should be sure to use cleanser to wash your face. So how do you choose the facial cleanser? The advice of the general expert (my girlfriend) is that the choice of less foam cleanser is mostly mild and suitable for oily skin. In addition, cleanser is best mixed use, can prepare two kinds of cleanser at the same time.

Use toner: choose a toner with moisturizing effect. As mentioned earlier, oily skin is due to water shortage. In summer, oily skin is often sticky. Toner can make you feel more comfortable. Toner with good moisturizing effect can reduce oil secretion, which can be said to be a stone and a bird.

Pay attention to the diet: you can try to eat a spicy and greasy meal, and then feel whether your skin secretes more grease all day. In fact, what you eat has a great effect on your skin. Oily skin people in order to improve your skin, you should try not to overeat, eat less stimulating food (such as spicy, seafood, etc.); if you can't control your mouth, you can often wash your face after a big meal, clean up too much oil.

Oil from skin troubles many girls, but oil control must be moderate. If too much or too frequent oil control makes the skin red and peeling, it is necessary to stop these actions and see a doctor, because the skin will only use more oil to dry, and the gain is not worth the loss.