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What are the top ten buzzwords in 2018

What are the top ten buzzwords in 2018 2018 is approaching the end of the year. Looking back on the whole year, this year's online words are changing with each passing day. Last year's skin shrimp was replaced by Koi, Buddhism and Ganjing. Let's take a look at the list of the top ten popular words in 2018.

1. Community of common destiny

■ noun interpretation

Community of destiny, that is, a collective with a vital destiny formed under the same conditions, originates from the community of human destiny. Eighteen years ago, general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the construction of the "community of human destiny" in a series of domestic and international occasions. Building a 'community of shared future for mankind' has attracted the attention of all countries and has become a global 'buzzword'.

2 Koi

During the national day of 2018, Alipay official micro-blog launched a lottery, drawing the lottery from micro-blog, and China's Koi. In October 7th, Alipay announced the lucky draw results. Lucky "China Koi" won the "China Koi global free gift package". Koi 'became popular immediately and became a symbol of' good luck '. Later, as the heat increased, 'Koi' began to refer to people who had good luck in small probability events.

3 store waiter

The waiter used to refer to the waiter who was responsible for receiving customers in old teahouses, restaurants and hotels. " The waiter's warm attitude and considerate service are important factors for the store to bring customers a better experience. Zhejiang's major leaders once advocated that government departments and leading cadres should be "shop assistants" who serve enterprises and grass-roots units. " "Shopkeeper" has gradually evolved into a new meaning, referring to government departments and leading cadres who promote economic development and provide thoughtful services for enterprises.

4 textbook style

In May 2018, someone uploaded a video of Shanghai Police street law enforcement. In the video, law enforcement officers investigate and deal with illegal acts, both law enforcement procedures and on-site instructions are impeccable, with textbook like standardization, which is called 'textbook law enforcement' by netizens. With the 'heat transfer' of the video, 'textbook style' has gradually spread.

5 official publicity

On October 16, 2018, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng simultaneously released the "official announcement" on their microblog to announce the good news of their marriage. Both are stars with many fans. The wedding news has attracted much attention and triggered crazy forwarding on the Internet. A few days later, 'official propaganda' appeared in the old and new media, all of which were news announced by a certain person or organization. " Guan Xuan 'quickly became popular.

6 confirmed the eyes

Confirmed eyes, that is, confirmed from the eyes, comes from a lyrics in Lin Junjie's drunken Red Cliff: 'confirmed eyes, I met the right person.' This year's Spring Festival, a micro-blog released make complaints about your eyes. You are Cantonese. Later, some netizens posted a video entitled "fool looks at fool and thinks it's just a fool" on the Internet. Some netizens commented that 'they have confirmed their eyes and don't want to be ignored', and received a lot of 'likes'. " After confirming his eyes' he became popular and set off a sentence making 'Competition' on the Internet.

7 retreat group

Quitting the group means quitting the communication group on a social platform. After trump became president, the United States successively withdrew from a number of international agreements or organizations, such as the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the Paris climate change agreement, the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, the Universal Postal Union, UNESCO, etc. Trump even threatened that the United States would withdraw from the world trade organization. " 'retreat from the Group 'has therefore become a high-frequency hot word, which widely appears in news reports.

8 Buddhism

'Buddhism' is a foreign word. In 2014, a Japanese magazine introduced a 'new male variety' - 'Buddhist man', that is, a man who loves to be alone, focuses on his own interests and doesn't want to spend time with the opposite sex. In December 2017, a blog post entitled "the first batch of post-90s have become monks" introduced the 'Buddhist lifestyle' of young people now. " Buddhism 'quickly detonated the network and showed strong word formation ability,' Buddhist Youth ',' Buddhist life ',' Buddhist parents' and so on.

9 giant baby

In recent years, people use 'giant baby' to refer to adults who are mentally stuck in infancy. Such people are self-centered, lack of rule awareness and moral constraints. Once they exceed their expectations, they will lose control of their emotions, produce extreme irrational behavior and bring disastrous consequences to the society. This year's "high-speed rail bully" and "Chongqing Wanzhou bus falling into the river" have further increased the popularity of "giant baby" The phenomenon of "giant baby" has attracted the attention of the whole society.

10 bar essence

A refined rod refers to a person who 'makes a refined rod'. In April this year, someone published a cartoon on the Internet ridiculing the 'gangster': a girl confessed to a 'gangster' and asked to see his mother. " Gang Jing said, "this is the only thing that can't be done, because 'Gang Jing' doesn't deserve a mother." The bar elite 'quickly became popular.' The popularity of "Gang Jing" is caused by people's disgust with this behavior.