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How is often hand hemp to return a responsibility? What is the cause of numbness of hands?

most people will also encounter the situation of hand numbness. The causes of different types of people's hand numbness are also different, so it is necessary to understand the real causes of hand numbness, so that you can clearly understand the changes of your body.

Some people wake up in the middle of the night with numb hands; some people wake up in the morning with stiff, numb hands, and it will be better after a while; some people carry heavy things for a long time with numb hands, and the hands are weak; some people hold bowls, and they are numb and weak for a while, and they can't take them anymore; some people are numb all day long; some people have numb hands; some people have 1-2 fingers, and numb hands, which is a symptom, if it affects daily life, it's very inconvenient; horse is needed Go to see a doctor. If you don't affect your life, you can't take it lightly. It's often a precursor to some diseases, especially brain problems.

Causes of hand numbness

1. Vascular factors:

When we sit for a long time or the posture of sitting is not good, it will cause numbness of the lower limbs. When the posture of hand is not right, it will also numb. Once relaxed, it is like ten million ants crawling. Because when the blood vessels are compressed, the blood vessels supply part of the limbs to be ischemia, causing numbness. After the pressure is relieved, the blood flows past, it feels like there are many ants crawling. When the ulnar artery and radial artery of the upper extremity are pressed at a certain place, hand anesthesia will be caused.

2. Neurological factors:

There is axoplasmic flow in the nerve. When the nerve is compressed, the axoplasmic flow is blocked, which also causes hand anesthesia. To the palm, there are mainly radial nerve, ulnar nerve and median nerve. These nerves start from the cervical spinal canal, pass through joints, ligaments and bone fiber tubes to the end of the palm. When the nerve is compressed in any part, it will cause hand anesthesia.

3. Brain factors:

All nerves come from the brain when something goes wrong. If apoplectic, place of control of cerebrum can appear numb, limp.

4. Systemic factors:

Some systemic diseases:

A. hyperlipidemia: long term hyperlipidemia is easy to cause hardening of blood vessel wall. In addition, hyperlipidemia, blood viscosity, slow blood rheology, and the decrease of oxygen nutrients obtained by cells lead to numbness.

B. diabetic patients: the blood sugar is maintained at a high level. In the past, it has caused great damage to human blood vessels and nerves, vascular sclerosis and neurodegeneration.

C. cervical spondylosis: the cervical nerve has intervertebral foramen and is divided into two branches.

Anterior branch: to the lower and outer side, to the forearm, forming the ulnar nerve, radial nerve, median nerve, etc.

Posterior branch: the muscle around the posterior joint of the cervical spine to the rear, distributed at the back of the cervical spine. No matter the anterior branch or the posterior branch of the skin is compressed, it will cause hand numbness.

How to prevent hand numbness

1. Frequent finger movement

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many important meridians and acupoints hidden on the fingers. Regular movement of the fingers can play a good role in clearing the meridians. The tip of the fingers is the most sensitive area connecting the neurons in the brain. Regular massage can stimulate the eyes of the meridians and acupoints, so as to prevent the symptoms of hand numbness.

2. Correct bad habits

The common symptoms of hand numbness in life are mainly caused by the poor blood circulation of the hand, of which the main causes of arm numbness are often sleeping on the pillow, lifting heavy objects, etc., so we should try to avoid these matters in daily life.

Farewell to hand numbness

1 water bottle exercise 'wrist' force

Prepare about 250cc bottles, such as beverage cans and water bottles. Hold the bottle full of water with the palm facing down, and lift and bend the wrist up and down at a gentle speed for 5 seconds, 10 times back and forth.

2. Remove 'wrist' injury by pulling tendon

Extend the arm straight forward with the palm down, press the back of the hand down with the other hand, and pull the palm inward for 10 seconds each, 10 times back and forth.

Hand numbness is a very common disease of the hand. It is understandable that hand numbness is occasionally caused by long-term tenderness. But if the situation of hand numbness often occurs, we should pay attention to it and go to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.