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How does down jacket drill down and run hair? How to prevent down jacket from running hair

How does down jacket drill down and run hair? How to prevent down jacket from running hair the cold winter has come. For small partners in the north, a down jacket that can resist the cold is essential, but sometimes the down jacket will drill down. What's the matter? How to prevent down jacket from drilling down and running off?

When it comes to wool drilling, it seems to be the most common problem of down jacket. The main problem is the fabric. Of course, there are also problems with the down inside. Most of the down jacket fabrics that love wool drilling are thin. When purchasing, the density of the fabric must be large. Fortunately, many garment manufacturers have adopted the double-sided method to prevent wool drilling. When shopping, you can feel it with a little attention. There is a thin layer of cloth inside the outermost fabric, but compared with the outside, the close fitting inner layer is easier to drill hair. Therefore, when choosing, you must not only pay attention to the outer layer, but the inner fabric is more important. You should not only choose the double layer, but also have a thicker inner layer.

Down jacket hair how to do method 1

First clean the down jacket and let it return to the most fluffy time. Soak the down jacket in clean water for a while and soak it all.

Then add some washing powder, soak it for about 30 minutes, and gently scrub it with a soft brush. Finally rinse clean, and then slowly squeeze out the water.

When drying, gently tap every corner with a stick to make the fluff return to the most fluffy and soft time, and the hair phenomenon will be improved.

Method 2

The inner layer of down is too thin, and the down can easily drill out and prick people. Sewing an inner lining can effectively prevent the feather from coming out of the down jacket. If you can't sew, you'd better give it to the clothing store.

Method 3

The generation of static electricity may also lead to the leakage of down jacket. When washing down jacket, you can try some neutral soft detergent, which can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity. Less static electricity, down jacket is not easy to hair.

Method 4

The quality of down inside may also affect whether the down jacket leaks. When selecting down jacket, touch the down inside, collar, cuffs and shoulders. Some down is not the same. The hard fluff is easy to turn out, while the light fluff is not easy to drill and has better warmth retention.