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How to change the name of WeChat official account and how to change the name of the official account

Many friends didn't pay attention to the name when registering wechat, resulting in dissatisfaction with the name afterwards. Or the wechat name needs to be modified due to the development of the enterprise. However, the name cannot be changed in the wechat background. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to quickly modify the name of the wechat public platform.

If the public account (name) column is not displayed (modification entry), secondary modification is not supported. If you need to modify the name for special reasons, you can submit an application to the customer service of wechat public platform.

The registered wechat public platform name indicates that there is infringement, and the name is the same as that of other well-known brands and first certified?

The official account name column is displayed as (newly registered public number) and can be modified if the name is displayed (modified entrance).

Open the wechat public platform and enter the public account in the login area to start login

After entering the public platform, click the official account settings.

In the account details (name) column, click Modify

Read the modification agreement, click agree and go to the next step

In the new name field, fill in the new name again, and then click next

Is it necessary to confirm the name of the official account? Click OK to complete the modification. After the new term is approved, the modification entry will not be displayed in the account details (name) column.