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How to change the name of wechat bank card wechat changes the name and bank card process now we have long been used to sending red envelopes with wechat. As we all know, wechat requires real name authentication. How can we check after authentication? How can wechat change the binding name? Let's have a look.

Enter wechat, click the 'I' page and open the wallet.

Click the three-point operation in the upper right corner.

When clicked on, select Help Center.

Click directly to change the account name.

If you have change in your account, you need to withdraw it.

After withdrawal, click OK to cancel. There is no binding under this account.

Then go back to your wallet and click to select a bank card.

Select Add bank card. Because the bank card information also needs the identity authentication of the card owner. Therefore, this operation can authenticate the real name and bind the bank card at the same time.