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What does right eyelid jump represent? What omen is right eyelid jump

Sometimes our eyes jump. There is a folk saying that the left eye jumps over wealth and the right eye jumps over disaster. Is this true? What does the right eyelid jump mean? Let's find out!

The eyelid is responsible for closing the eyes, which is composed of orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes; What we call eyelid jump is actually caused by the abnormal excitation of the nerves controlling the eyelid muscles, that is, part of the orbicularis oculi muscle fibers can not contract autonomously in a short time, so as to affect the skin on them.

In general, the incidence of eyelid jump is more frequent when you are too tired, use your eyes for too long or lack of sleep. Other stimuli such as strong light and drugs, or foreign bodies blown into your eyes, or often smoke and drink, will stimulate your eyes and cause eyelid jump.

The most common eyelid jump is the 'muscle tremor' of orbicularis oculi muscle, which jumps for a few seconds to a few minutes each time; The normal situation will recover automatically after a period of time. You can also close your eyes and have a rest, or apply a hot towel to your eyes, and cooperate with a balanced daily diet and adequate sleep to shorten the time of eyelid beating.

If your eyelids keep jumping, you should immediately see a doctor for treatment. If your eyelids beat and twitch together with half of your facial muscles, eyebrows and quarrels, it may be a spasm caused by facial nerve stimulation. You should actively treat it, otherwise you will have the disease of mouth and eye deviation.

For eyelid beating, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by long-term illness, strain and sad spleen, or liver and spleen blood deficiency and wind for a long time.

If it is caused by deficiency of both heart and spleen, and has insomnia and forgetfulness, upset and palpitation, eating less and body fatigue, it can be treated with "Guipi Decoction" plus or minus medicine; If it is caused by blood deficiency and wind, and often beats more than once, and can't control itself due to eyebrow, forehead, face and quarrel, it can be treated with the addition and subtraction of "Danggui Huoxue drink".

According to superstition:

Analyze good and bad luck by hour

Midnight: 23:00 - before 01:00

Left eye: when unexpected joy comes, you will have good luck. Your heart should be stronger. Don't be too excited.

Right eye: if someone invites you to dinner, you can save a sum of money, but this person's purpose is unknown. You should think more about it.

Time: 01:00 - before 03:00

Left eye: my family has been in trouble recently. I don't know what to do. I can't do anything in the short term.

Right eye: some people miss you, maybe the elders at home. They have been worried about each other for too long. Call and care when you have time.

Yin Shi: 03:00 - before 05:00

Left eye: friends will come from afar and eat you! If you don't have an ulterior motive or have a lot of spare money, be sure to pretend to be busy when you receive a call from a friend.

Right eye: the family has the opportunity to get unexpected money. For example, if they suddenly win the prize, they may also get the lost money back.

Mortuary hour: 05:00 - before 07:00

Left eye: report for duty, let your life return to the dawn, and pay more attention to the sudden appearance around you; A long lost friend.

Right eye: it's safe and smooth. Don't worry too much about the possible dangerous situation. Auspicious people have their own appearance. Go to bed at ease.

Chenshi: 07:00 - before 09:00

Left eye: the interpersonal relationship will get better. If the friends we haven't seen for a long time meet again, it may bring good news.

Right eye: money is lost unconsciously, and a lot of wronged money is spent.

Time: 09:00 - before 11:00

Left eye: there will be benefits to make. At present, you are quite valuable. Others will give you three points.

Right eye: drive carefully and remind your family to pay more attention to safety. The danger appears all around.

Noon: 11:00 - before 13:00

Left eye: the long-term cultivation has finally achieved results. You can breathe a sigh of relief and be ready to enjoy the results.

Right eye: unexpected things happen. Fortunately, the probability is not high. Just keep alert.

Untimely: 13:00 - before 15:00

Left eye: you may lose a lot of money in gambling or playing mahjong. Don't regret it until you lose all.

Right eye: good things happen, but they are trivial and you won't be very happy.

Application time: 15:00-17:00

Left eye: suddenly think of something? Do it quickly. What you think of now is the easiest to succeed.

Right eye: the opposite sex is good. Your noble people are the opposite sex. They are much more tolerant to you than the same sex.

Unitary time: 17:00 - before 19:00

Left eye: I work hard and help others. Fortunately, I have a harvest. Helping others is also helping myself.

Right eye: friends you just met can be very familiar. It would be good to get familiar with them more.

Xu Shi: 19:00 - before 21:00

Left eye: if someone assigns a job to you, don't think too much. Promise quickly. Other problems will be solved naturally!

Right eye: are you complacent? Be careful, villains are ready to fall into the well at any time. Don't be too arrogant.

Haishi: 21:00 - before 23:00

Left eye: enjoy family reunion and affirmation. If you work harder, you will do better.

Right eye: beware of lawsuit disputes. You're either talking about criminals or breaking things!

Eyelid jump divination

Have you noticed today's eyelid skipping? Are you a little nervous? Everyone said, 'left jump wealth, right jump disaster' seems too general. Here is your eyelid jump according to the week:

Monday: left eye jump, something is going to happen today!

Right eye jump. It's normal. It doesn't matter.

Tuesday: left eye jump, the mood will be very happy.

If you jump with your right eye, something unpleasant will happen.

Wednesday: left eye jump, someone likes you!

Jump your right eye. Something will make you angry.

Thursday: left eye jump, something unexpected happened.

Jump your right eye. You can't interfere in anything today.

Friday: left eye jump, someone is missing you.

Right eye jump, a happy thing will happen.

Saturday: left eye jump, these days will reveal your secret.

Jump your right eye and get a gift in the near future.

Sunday: left eye jump, unexpected things will happen.

Right eye jump, good luck.