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How to raise yellow lilies skills of raising yellow lilies at home

How to raise yellow lilies skills of raising yellow lilies at home many friends have the habit of raising flowers at home. Yellow lilies are good in flowers. They don't have strict requirements on temperature and soil. Let's take a look at the breeding methods and skills of yellow lilies.

1、 Breeding environment

1. Soil: it's best to use loose and deep soil for raising yellow lily. It doesn't have high requirements for soil, but don't use sticky soil, which is not conducive to its growth.

2. Watering: it doesn't need to be watered too much. It's afraid of waterlogging. During the peak growth period, you can water more appropriately. If you water too much at ordinary times, it will cause bulb rot and plant death.

3. Light: the cultivation of yellow lily should be given appropriate light, especially in winter. It can be maintained outdoors in spring.

2、 Breeding method

1. Pearl bud propagation: harvest it in summer and store it with spinning yarn, and sow it on the seedbed from September to October. After sowing, cover a layer of about 3cm fine soil and weeds.

2. Small bulb propagation: disinfect the small bulbs that have not suffered disease, and then sow.

3、 Common diseases and insect pests

1. Diseases: common diseases include bacterial wilt, leaf blight, black stem disease, etc., which shall be sprayed with medicine in time after discovery. At ordinary times, weeds shall be cleaned in time and disinfected properly.

2. Pests: common pests include aphids and beetle larvae, which will lead to poor plant growth and development. After discovery, Omethoate or malathion and acaricide should be sprayed.

Introduction to yellow lily

Yellow lily, scientific name (Lilium. Ochraceum FR), also known as cloud fairy, fanleek, Shandan and Daoxian, is a herb of Lilium in Liliaceae.

Yellow lilies express gratitude and happiness. Lilies - lilies symbolize purity, chastity and innocence. In China, lily is a symbol of maternal love. At the wedding of ancient Rome and Greece. Lilies symbolize purity and innocence. Lilies are equipped with ears of wheat as the bride's headdress, implying a bumper harvest and a happy marriage for a hundred years.

In the middle ages, lilies symbolized the beauty of women. Lilies represent a pure heart. Lily is rich in color. Most people associate white lily with innocence and sweetness. The white lily is considered the flower of the virgin, and the yellow lily expresses gratitude and happiness.