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How to encrypt wechat wallet? Can wechat wallet be encrypted

Wechat is now one of our commonly used mobile payment methods. Wechat change wallet is the source of our usual payment and collection, so it is very private. So how to encrypt wechat wallet? Let's share the encryption method of wechat wallet!

If the password is not set for the wechat wallet, the security factor will be greatly reduced. Refer to the following steps for how to encrypt the wechat wallet and how to set and open the wechat wallet lock.

How to encrypt wechat wallet and how to set wechat wallet lock

When setting the password for wechat wallet, first open wechat, click me below, and then click wallet, as shown in the figure below.

Then, under the open my wallet page, directly click the icon with four boxes in the upper right corner.

This opens the wechat payment center page, where you can see the payment security option, and then click it.

After entering the payment security interface, find the wallet lock and click it directly. (if the wechat wallet lock has not been set before, it is shown that it is not opened).

On the open wallet lock page, click the circle behind the gesture password to unlock, and it will become the selected state.

Then a page will pop up asking for the payment password, so enter the wechat payment password to verify your identity.

After the input is correct, a page for setting the gesture password of wechat wallet will be opened. Here, draw the gesture password to be used when opening wechat wallet, and then press the prompt to enter the gesture password for the second time to confirm.

At this time, you will return to a page. When the gesture password unlock is selected on this page, you can click the return arrow in the upper left corner.

Now, when you open the wechat wallet again, a page that requires you to enter the gesture password will pop up. In this way, after adding the password, if you don't know the gesture password of the wechat wallet, you can't enter the wechat wallet, so the money in the wechat wallet is much less likely to be stolen.

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