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Who is the inventor of blue whale game? Why did the inventor of blue whale make the victim commit su

Who is the inventor of blue whale game? Why did the inventor of blue whale make the victim commit suicide

Four seas network: blue whale game itself is a suicide game, the game contains 50 tasks, completed by the game players one by one, and the ultimate goal is only one: suicide! The game currently causes at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide.

It is reported that the inventor of the blue whale game was invented by a Russian man who studied psychology. The man has been arrested recently, and the man has committed such a crime without any remorse, claiming that he is cleaning up the society!

Recently, a blue whale game has caught the eye of the police. You have also seen relevant reports in the media. In order to encourage teenagers to commit suicide, the game inventor is a Russian, 21-year-old psychology major student. Now the blue whale inventor is in prison, but the blue whale inventor has no regrets, saying that he is "cleaning up society"!

Recently, a number of media reported that the "blue whale" death game has infiltrated the Chinese Internet platform, resulting in a large number of QQ groups that "wake up at 4:20". Tencent said that the QQ security team screened the QQ groups related to the keyword on May 6, blocked the search of relevant keywords, and handled a number of suspected blue whale QQ groups. However, it was noted that the number of related and unrelated new groups based on the 'blue whale' hot key words was increasing.

Blue whale games use the psychology of young people's curiosity hunting, or some children lack the care of their families. Some children may stop at the beginning of the game, but some of them gradually fall down, and finally go on the road of no return.

After the blue whale inventor was finally jailed, Russian investigation officials said that 'budkin had no friends at school, but suddenly found that he could control the will and life of others, so he thought he was inviolable until he was arrested. '

The most terrible thing is that the blue whale game inventor is very clear about what he is doing, luring those children to commit suicide, which is exactly what he wants. 'they are just some biological garbage. They have no value to society. No one cares about the consequences of their death. '

Ironically, after the blue whale inventor was arrested and jailed, he received a large number of love letters from girls.

Many teenagers inevitably have "phase II". If you find that children around you have access to channels related to blue whale, please call the police or report it!

Now the public security organs are doing their best to patrol and clean up the blue whale game. They will deal with those who take the opportunity to make towering comments and create social panic according to law.