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Conditions for handling household registration and materials required for handling household registr

In our life, our efforts are not only to realize our ideals, but also to have a good foundation for the next generation. Just like the concept that many parents buy a house for their children to go to school. But now there are certain conditions for the immigration of registered permanent residence. So, Xiaobian just say, what are the conditions for handling the account transfer? What materials are needed to handle the immigration account?

What are the conditions for handling account transfer?

1. After buying a house, you need to issue a certificate in the local neighborhood committee, and then take the certificate to the local police station to handle the account. A move in consent certificate will be issued to prove that your account has been accepted.

2. Take the move in consent certificate, Hukou book and the property right certificate of the purchased house until the local police station where the Hukou is located. If the materials issued are all OK, they will issue a move out consent certificate. It should be noted that there is a time limit for moving out. From this moment, your account has been moved out. If you don't settle within the validity period, you will become a black household.

What materials are needed to handle the immigration account?

1. Must have lived in this commercial house; Apply to fill in the application form for investment, house purchase and settlement; Household certificate (certificate should be issued at the local police station); Issue the original and copy of the resident's ID card (copies are required for those over the age of 16);

2. The original and copy of the marriage certificate issued (the original and copy of the divorce certificate); When the house ownership certificate is mortgaged in the bank, it must be copied at the bank and stamped with the seal of the Department; The original and copy of the house purchase contract (the contract shall have the 'special seal for commercial housing management of Dalian real estate exchange'. If there is no special seal, please go to the real estate exchange to supplement it);

3. Original and copy of house purchase invoice; If the child is an adult before the legal marriage age, the unmarried certificate shall be issued (issued by the local marriage registration department); Original and copy of household register; Original and copy of loan contract; Original and copy of deed tax payment certificate; If the loan needs to go to the property to copy the down payment invoice;

4. If the loan needs to go to the bank to issue a certificate of the current repayment amount. If the loan has been paid off, a bank certificate shall be issued; If the loan is, print the loan repayment details; Certificate of second child birth index for two children (issued by the local family planning department); Original and copy of birth certificate and one-child certificate; Proof of salary and income of relocated personnel (except children).