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How animoji sends wechat circle of friends mobile phones above iPhone x support animoji dynamic expression. At first, many friends thought it was fresh and interesting, but this video can only be opened when sending text messages, not wechat and circle of friends. The following Xiaobian asks everyone animoji to send friends. It's full.

Skillfully use animoji to play with wechat and circle of friends

First, you have to save the recorded animoji video ~ the method is very simple. Enter IMessage to record animoji video, and then send it out. (to avoid trouble, try to send it to the accounts of relatives and friends ~) send it out, open the video, then click the icon in the lower left corner and select store video. After the video is saved, you can send it to wechat friends or circle of friends. Of course, you can also share it with microblog or other social platforms to ensure that you can rise quickly~

If you have a strong desire to perform, you can also record a funny animoji expression and make it into a wechat expression to make your chat different. The method is very simple. First save the animoji video according to the above method, and then download the software imgplay (app store download address). Open imgplay, open the video you just saved, drag the part you want to make, then click next, and finally click save. PS: when saving, select GIF with very low clear image quality, otherwise the wechat expression cannot be made when the file is large.

After everything is ready, you can import the expression. First, find a chat box, click the '+' on the first page of the expression page, and then select the produced GIF to import. Now, you can send your self willed expressions to your friends!