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Drink milk way mistake very injury when taking medicine can use milk to send take?

drinking milk, in fact, is very particular. If you drink it right, it can prolong your life and strengthen your body. If you drink it wrong, it is likely to increase your body's pain! has sorted out several ways to drink milk, and compared them with yourself or people around you.

The stronger the milk, the better

Add a thickener to the milk with water. The milk can be thickened, but the nutrition is reduced. In other words, the milk mixed with water can be artificially thickened at will, not necessarily the thicker and the longer the wall is hung, the better. The sterilized milk looks thinner, but its nutritional value is actually no lower than that of the milk which looks thicker. The milk with butter on the inner wall of the package is due to the large amount of fat. After a certain period of time, the fat will rise and form fat. Such milk is difficult to be fully absorbed by the human body, which will cause unnecessary waste. Even some milk producers often use people's misunderstanding to add thickeners to milk to deceive consumers.

Is organic milk healthier than regular milk?

The reason why the price of organic milk is very high is that it has high safety performance and there is no additive in organic milk, so the cost is naturally high. However, the nutrient content is not higher than that of ordinary milk, because without additives, the flavor is not necessarily stronger than other milk. It's not so much healthier as safer.

Can milk and fruit be eaten together?

There used to be a lot of books that matched each other's food in the market. The sales volume was very high, among which there was the saying that milk and fruit could not be eaten together. The main reason is that protein in milk and organic acid and vitamin C in fruit will meet to form a precipitate, which has no effect on the body, will affect the digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal distention and diarrhea. The organic acids in fruits will precipitate milk, but will not prevent the absorption of nutrients in milk. Because the acidity of gastric acid is far more than that of fruit, if there is no fruit, milk will also coagulate into a lump when it enters the stomach. Since the solid food we usually eat can be digested, what's wrong with milk clots?

Can't you take the medicine with milk?

That's too absolute. Take vitamins and other nutrients medicine can be delivered with milk. Because the protein, fat and other components in milk can protect and promote the absorption of nutrients. But other drugs can not be taken with milk, especially antihypertensive drugs and antibiotics. When milk is sent to take antihypertensive drugs, not only does it not have antihypertensive effect, but it will increase blood pressure and even cause life risk. In addition, the complex formed by antibiotics and calcium ions in milk in the intestinal tract will reduce drug absorption, drug absorption, therapeutic effect and even make the drug completely invalid.