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Oppo mobile phone how to import contacts oppo mobile phone import contacts tutorial oppo mobile phones are mainly young and fashionable selling points, which are deeply loved by many young people. When many friends first got the new phone, they didn't know how to pour in mobile phone contacts. Let's take a look at the tutorial of importing contacts into oppo mobile phones.

Oppo mobile phone import contact tutorial

1. First, open the setting function in the mobile phone interface. In the setting, we can see the options of [phonebook].

2. Click [phonebook] and find the [import / export contacts] option in it.

3. Take [import from other mobile phones] as an example, click to enter, and then select the model.

4. If it is an iPhone, click [iPhone]. If it is an Android phone, click [other phones].

5. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the old mobile phone and click next. At this time, the mobile phone number is uploaded to your mobile phone by Bluetooth.