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Why do house prices differ in the same community? What are the factors affecting house prices

Some buyers find that they are in the same community and enjoy the same supporting facilities when buying a house. Why is the price far different? What kind of problems and influencing factors are hidden in this? Today, Xiaobian will come to you to find out.

1、 Influence of housing age on house price

The problem of housing age is actually the time of property right. Now the house property rights in the market are more complex, and there may be differences in the same area or even in the same community.

1. For example, the commercial housing community has mixed pure residential and commercial housing for 70 years, and the prices of the two houses may be quite different. In the second-hand housing market, pure housing is generally more popular than commercial housing.

2. There are also differences in the property right years of some housing reform housing communities. For a suite of housing reform, the calculation method of its property right period is as follows: the starting time of the property right of the first set of houses that pay the land transfer fee and complete the housing reform is the calculation time of the property right of all houses in the building. For example, in a husband's house community, there are 20 husband's houses in a building. A house was transformed into an ordinary commercial house after the housing reform was completed in 2000. Then the property rights of other houses in the building are calculated from 2000, including those houses that have not completed the housing reform. This will also affect the prices of different houses to a certain extent.

2、 Impact of pollution sources on house prices

There are many kinds of pollution sources in the community, which will also lead to the low price of some houses. These pollution sources include noise pollution (traffic flow, people flow, construction, business center), dust pollution, odor pollution (catering, garbage station, etc.), and the price of houses close to these pollution sources will be lower. For example, many owners do not like buildings with catering or entertainment places. The price of upper houses in these buildings must be lower than that of other buildings in the community. There are also buildings near the park or square. These places are good places for uncle and aunt to dance square dance. The price of houses greatly affected by the noise of the square must be lower than that of other houses.

3、 Impact of traffic problems on house prices

Large communities are more obvious in this regard. In fact, large communities have been divided into many communities. There are only a few communities with real travel convenience. The travel and transportation of other buildings are not very convenient, which also makes the house prices in the community different to a certain extent. In addition to large communities, ordinary communities will also have some differences. For example, the cost of detour can not be ignored.

4、 Impact of house orientation on house price

The orientation of the house can directly affect the living mood. After all, houses with good daylighting and strong permeability have high comfort and everyone wants them. Therefore, there is a price difference between houses facing south in the main activity area and houses facing bad. In addition, no house is perfect. Buyers should choose according to their habits. If the main activity area recognized by buyers is the bedroom, then the bedroom orientation can be good; If the living room is identified as the main activity area, it can be oriented well.

5、 Impact of floor on house price

1. Multi layer ≤ On the 6th floor, only one stairwell needs to be set up, one ladder for two households, and the pool is small. For each elevator added to the high-rise buildings on floors 12-18, the supporting elevator rooms, pipe wells, electric wells, etc. also need to be added. Smoke proof staircases shall be set above the 18th floor, and two fire elevators and two smoke proof staircases shall be set above the 19th floor according to the requirements of class I fire-proof building type. The building is more than 100 meters high. Since the fire ladder can only reach the height of 50 meters, it is necessary to set up a refuge layer.

2. The floor price will also be affected by vision, sunshine, noise, etc. The higher the floor, the more expensive the price is, but the price of the top floor and the bottom floor is cheaper. The price of the super high-rise on the 45th floor and the 25th-30th floor will be more expensive. Further up, the price will become cheaper and cheaper, which is mainly related to people's psychological factors. After all, it is too high to be grounded, and the center of gravity feels unstable.

3. For floors with 6 or 8, the price will be slightly higher, while for floors with 4, the price will be slightly cheaper.