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What foods can you eat to reduce blood sugar? What are the foods that reduce blood sugar

People with high blood sugar should pay special attention to eating. Foods containing starch and sucrose should never be touched. What can reduce blood sugar if they have high blood sugar? Let's introduce some hypoglycemic foods to you.

Eight kinds of food hypoglycemic staple food

With the abundance of material conditions in contemporary society and the growing population of hyperglycemia, how to solve the problem of three meals a day healthily and delicious! Let's have a look!

No.1 corn

Corn is rich in vitamins, even 5 to 10 times that of rice and grains, and the rich plant cellulose in it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and has a good effect on constipation and detoxification. Its sweet taste, hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic are the gospel of diabetics.

No.2 oats

The oat temperature is slightly sweet, and the effect of removing Qi and eliminating accumulation is very small. Its heat is very low. It is one of the few foods that diabetics can eat with ease.

No.3 millet

Many people will misunderstand millet, think it and rice as sugar is very high, can not eat, and in fact, millet is alkaline food, so the blood of patients with diabetes is too high acidity, can not eat acidic Cereals, eating millet will not have any discomfort.

No.4 soybean

Soybeans are not very high in sugar content. Many Miss Amy know that soy products have high nutritional value and low calorie. Therefore, regular consumption of soybean can effectively prevent diabetes.

No.5 pea

Compared with other foods, peas contain extremely valuable lysine, which is of high nutritional value. For diabetics, it is one of the few crops that are very tasty and tasty.

No.6 buckwheat

Buckwheat is a kind of coarse grain with rich dietary fiber. After water absorption and expansion, the sense of satiety increases, so as to reduce the intake of other foods and stabilize postprandial blood glucose.

No.7 mung bean

Mung bean is rich in dietary fiber, can reduce blood lipids, prevent constipation, is an ideal food for diabetics. Mung bean has the function of detoxification, diuresis and edema. It is a natural health food therapy for diabetic patients with kidney disease.

No.8 sweet potato

Sweet potato leaves have the function of lowering blood sugar, improving immunity, detoxifying, and regulating the insulin sensitivity of diabetics. Besides, they can also improve the immunity of diabetics.