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What brand do you buy? The latest top ten brands of good toilets

What brand do you buy? The latest top ten brands of good toilets toilet is a necessary household product for our life. Now there are many toilet brands in the market, and the price and quality are uneven. Many people are always confused when buying toilets. So what brand should we choose? Here's the latest top ten list.

01. Huida

Huida toilet is a brand of Tangshan Huida ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd. founded in 1982. It is one of the largest and oldest sanitary household products enterprises in China. As a leader in the bathroom industry, Huida Huida brand promotes the development of China's low-carbon economy. It is reported that the national development and Reform Commission announced the "2017-2018 evaluation results of the national enterprise technology center". Huida sanitary ware once again successfully passed the evaluation, became a national enterprise technology center and won the "national brand" award. Therefore, it successfully won the "2018 service example in the home industry" award and became a service model benchmark leading the home industry.

02. Hengjie

Hengjie hegll is a brand of Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. the company is an enterprise specializing in the production of ceramic sanitary ware and related supporting products. Hengjie hegll brand is not only one of the top ten brands of toilets, but also the top ten brands of ceramics. Previously, Hengjie and China brand building Promotion Association officially joined hands to become a "Chinese brand strategic partner" with the strength of leading brands in the bathroom industry.

03. Farnsa

Faenza Faenza is a Guangdong brand, a famous brand in China and a famous trademark in Guangdong. Located in the brand of Foshan Faen Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the company pays attention to the safety and environmental protection of products, has the reputation of China's environmental label products and China's green environmental protection products, and is one of the most influential brands of home decoration in China. Because Faenza is a famous town rich in ceramics in Italy, that's why it was named.

04. Langjing

Langjing ssww toilet brand, founded in 1994, is a medium and high-grade product. It is a brand of Foshan Jiajia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. and a national brand marketing in 107 countries and regions. In 2018, Langjing sanitary ware won two heavyweight awards of "business case of the year" and "product of the year" in the 14th award ceremony of the new list of Chinese ceramic industry.

05. Wrigley

Wrigley arrow is a Chinese brand. In 2011, Wrigley bathroom won the "leading brand of Chinese bathroom". Arrow toilet brand, which can pursue refinement, high-grade and science and technology, can meet people's comfortable life. At present, it is one of the most familiar Sanitary Ware brands for consumers. Wrigley Company has long been committed to making 'Wrigley into every day of life', and its products have a high popularity and brand reputation.

06. Kohler

Kohler Kohler toilet is an American brand. Founded in 1873, it is one of the oldest and largest family enterprises in the United States. With a history of 100 years, it is a large multinational company. The strength of the company makes Kohler Kohler brand sell well all over the country. 07. Anhua

Anhua toilet is a brand of Foshan Gaoming Anhua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. the company is a Sino Canadian joint venture. At present, Anhua toilet brand is one of the most powerful and influential comprehensive bathroom brands in China. It is also a large modern comprehensive science and technology enterprise leading the bathroom industry.

08. Dongpeng

Dongpeng toilet is a brand of Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. the company's brand is not only the top ten ceramic brands, but also the top ten toilet brands. The company has launched a variety of bathroom products with their own characteristics, such as 4L water-saving king series, nano sanitary ware series, yijiele series, children's sanitary ware series, Carol series, city moonlight series and so on.


The famous brand toto was founded in 1917 and has a development history of 100 years. It is a brand of Dongtao Co., Ltd. Dongtao company is a manufacturer of sanitary ware, sanitary ware and related equipment for civil and commercial facilities, and has entered thousands of households to enjoy a hygienic, healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

10. Lejia

Lega Roca brand, founded in Spain in 1917, is a brand of Spain lega sanitary ware Trading Co., Ltd. the company is a large multinational group with strong enterprise strength. After several years of hard development, Lejia sanitary ware company has become one of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers in the world.