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How do you charge the Alipay account book? How to use the Alipay account book?

Sihai network: now the function of mobile phone Alipay covers almost every aspect of my life. Besides the daily payment and payment accident, many friends usually record a record of their income and expenditure in Alipay account book. How do they keep accounts in Alipay accounts? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

1, first, open the mobile phone end Alipay. There is a bookkeeping function in Alipay's home page. If not, add more booklets in the home page box.

2. Click the ledger, and then we can see the recent consumption records. There are two options: details and report

3. Then select the report, we can see the latest consumption expenditure, and then click to record it.

4. Select the category of expenditure, then enter the amount used, and click finish.

5. Then we can see this category and its proportion in the report.

Well, the above is the function of the bookkeeping account of Alipay. This allows us to see the detailed consumption expenditure this month.