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What's the matter with the best new director of the Golden Horse Award? What award does wenmuye Gold

I'm not the God of medicine. The golden horse award should be deserved. After all, this type of film has created a precedent. Of course, starring Xu Zheng also won the Golden Horse Award in 2018. However, the director of God of medicine, Wen Muye, also won the award of best new director!

Golden Horse Award for best new Director Wen Muye

At the golden horse award ceremony last night, Wen Muye won the best new director award for his film I'm not a god of medicine. Many netizens also expressed support for this and said they expected more and better works from wenmuye!

Referring to the feeling of winning the award, Wen Muye said: 'I haven't come back yet. I feel very happy because I appreciate the help of many predecessors. " Turning to the advantages and difficulties of cooperation with Xu Zheng, Wen Muye said: "the advantage is that he is big enough and the difficulty is that he can't make mistakes. We should strengthen our understanding of films and performances so that we can cooperate and even guide him."

Wen Muye's speech: Thank you very much for the Golden Horse Award. Thank you for giving me this award. Thank my two supervisors, Mr. Ning Hao and Mr. Xu Zheng. They are my teachers and will be my teachers in the future. Thank those who have helped me in front of and behind the stage. Today, our new directors are all the help of our predecessors. I remember I told Mr. Ning and Mr. Xu Zheng before starting the machine that I would try not to disappoint your predecessors. I will continue to do it. Thank you.

What works does Wen Muye have

With "I'm not the God of medicine", the new Director Wen Muye lived up to expectations and won the best new director award.

This summer, when the film "I'm not a god of medicine" was first released, Xu Zheng, C, laughed on the poster, which made people think it was a comedy. All the people in it were dressed simply or a little non mainstream, and even mistakenly thought it was a film similar to "no man's land".

This film has become the biggest winner of cinema films this summer with a box office score of more than 3 billion. Let's look at this film with new eyes. More importantly, Douban gained a high score of 9.0. As a domestic commercial film, the last work with such a high score was more than 20 years ago!

Wenmuye personal data:

Wen Muye, born in February 1985 in Changchun, Jilin Province, is a director and screenwriter in mainland China. He graduated from the director department of Beijing Film Academy with a master's degree.

In 2010, he shot the short film "stone". In 2011, he wrote and directed the short film "Jin Lan GUI Qin", with which Wen Muye won the award of excellent director and excellent screenwriter in the fifth Shandong Youth micro film competition. In 2012, he directed the short film "battle", which won the special award of the jury of the 7th first youth film exhibition and the excellent film award of the film season of the 2013 first youth film exhibition. In 2014, he directed the short film Requiem, which won the Macao Tianlong micro film director award of the 6th Macao International Film Festival micro film college students group. In 2015, he participated in directing the love film city in love.

In 2018, he directed the feature film "I am not the God of medicine", which won the best young screenwriter award of the 14th China Changchun Film Festival, the best new director and the best original screenplay award of the 55th Golden Horse Award.