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What is the policy of hardbound house? What problems should we pay attention to when buying hardboun

The prices of fine decorated houses and blank houses are different, and the policies they enjoy are also different. What are the policies for fine decorated houses? What problems should we pay attention to when buying hardbound room? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it.

What is hardbound housing policy?

1. Original and copy of ID card and household register of myself and family members; If the husband and wife are registered in the same household, they need the original and copy of the marriage certificate or marriage relationship certificate issued by the civil affairs department; If I and my minor children are not registered in the same household, I need the original and copy of the minor identity certificate and kinship certificate issued by the public security department.

2. Different cities have different requirements, which need to be determined according to the actual situation. For example, if you are not registered in Beijing but want to buy a house in Beijing, you need to meet these conditions, including tax certificate (referring to individual income tax) for five consecutive years in Beijing or social insurance certificate for five consecutive years in Beijing; Have a legal and valid temporary residence permit in Beijing; Both married couples have no houses in Beijing; ID card, marriage certificate and household register.

3. If you have borrowed money to buy a suite outside Beijing, and if you borrow money to buy a house in Beijing, the down payment will reach more than 60%; Collective account, you must find a unit to receive your account, and issue a receipt certificate, which is valid only with a seal.

What should we pay attention to when buying a hardbound room?

1. The strength of developers should be investigated before purchasing fine decoration real estate. Specific aspects include: the implementation of the developer's last fine decoration project and the opinions of the owner, the qualification of the decoration engineering designer of the project and the construction level of the decoration team. Only those projects developed by well managed, well-known and powerful developers can make people feel more at ease.

2. Before buying a house, carefully observing the model room is a very important step for buying a hardbound House - any fine decoration project will make several model rooms in order to better promote sales. Among them, the physical model room made in the project building is more convincing than the model room temporarily built in the sales office. Because the physical model room in the building is not easy to fake in terms of indoor area, floor height and pattern, it will be less deceptive to visitors.

3. When signing the house purchase contract, we must be as detailed as possible. We should write the decoration standard of the hardbound house, all material grades and brands, environmental protection levels, warranty period, determination of compensation liability, house change and check-out into the house purchase contract one by one and in detail. Provide basis for claim in case of disagreement in the future.

4. Fine decoration is an integral part of the house rather than an independent existence. When signing the contract, it should be noted that the composition of the house price is not a simple addition of the price of ordinary houses and fine decoration expenses, but to reflect that the fine decoration house is a whole, and any dispute should be handled as a whole. The standard of decoration shall be agreed in the contract. The decoration standard at the time of house delivery shall be specified in the contract, and the design and layout of decoration, the selection of building materials and construction technology shall be reflected in the supplementary terms in detail.

What is the policy of Xiaobian for hardbound house? Buy hardbound house to pay attention to all the introduction of what to pay attention to. The policy of hardbound house is relatively strict, and it is not as open as other houses, because the price of such houses is high. The most important thing when buying a house is acceptance. You must be careful during acceptance. If you don't pay attention to some small details, it may cause a lot of problems after purchase.