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A speech by a student studying in the United States insults a student studying in China

Yang Shuping's speech was "popular", and countless Chinese people were angry. Recently, at the graduation ceremony of the University of Maryland in the United States, Chinese student Yang Shuping said in his graduation speech that the air in China is dirty, while the air in the United States is so sweet and fresh, and it is a kind of strange luxury. Maybe everyone has freedom of speech, but when we go abroad, we hope that at any time our country will be full of gratitude and pride, rather than just devaluation!

A speech by a student studying in the United States insulted China, and he responded and apologized: no devaluation of the country

[the speech made by the students studying in the United States insulted China's response and apologized: not belittled the country] in response to the "foreign students made inappropriate remarks at the University of Maryland", the party concerned made a statement and apologized on the microblog on the evening of the 22nd, and the following is the full text of the microblog:

The response of this speech was beyond my expectation and deeply disturbed. We hereby declare and apologize as follows:

I deeply love my motherland and hometown and am very proud of the prosperity and development of the country. I also hope that in the future, I will use what I have learned abroad to promote Chinese culture and make positive contributions to the country. The speech is just to share the experience of studying abroad, without any negation or devaluation to the country and hometown. I sincerely hope that you will understand me and learn from me in the future. At the same time, I hope there will be no more interpretation, even personal attack. Thank you!

According to Lin, who attended the graduation ceremony on the spot, the student from Kunming said in his speech, "she mainly said that she had to wear a mask every day when she went out in China. When she came here, she could breathe sweet and fresh air.".

"The moment I walked out of the airport, I felt freedom. There was no fog to blur my glasses, no breathlessness, no oppression. '

"I joined the drama club in the school, and felt the enthusiasm of everyone on the American side to participate in politics. I appealed to American students not to think that freedom of speech is deserved, but to cherish...... '

The key is that her mother is still off the stage. When introducing her to the stage, she stands up to receive the cheers of the whole audience!

As soon as the speech was delivered, it exploded in the circle of friends of local international students and alumni of Martha University!

Li, who listened to the speech all the way, said to the editor of GT dongxuexishun, "we feel very embarrassed about this graduation speech, and we don't understand why the school asked her to give a graduation speech and why this speech appeared at the graduation ceremony. If she represents Ma's graduates, we are worried about Ma's future. '