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Why do you have dandruff? What about too much dandruff?

Four Seas network synthesis: dandruff will affect all types of hair in different forms. Dandruff is caused by abnormal peeling of the scalp. Ordinary dandruff often falls on our shoulders, affecting the beauty; oily dandruff usually causes itching or inflammation of the scalp. Too much dandruff is bothering our life. Are we really helpless for these stubborn dandruff? Take a look at the following suggestions from experts to help us better care the scalp and inhibit dandruff hyperplasia.

1. Only care for the hair tail but ignore the hair root when washing the hair

Emmanuel montecino, manager of Paris beauty salon of Aveda, said that most people only pay attention to the care of the hair tail when they wash their hair, but ignore the care of the hair root. People focus on solving the problem of dry or split hair, but ignore that the scalp also needs moistening. If you neglect to care for the root part of your hair when you wash your hair, your scalp will suffer from health problems. Because the scalp is too dry, coupled with the metabolism of the surface layer of the scalp, dandruff is produced. More serious oily dandruff can also inflame the scalp and cause itching.

2. Use hair care products with poor quality

We need to care for the scalp, but not any product - products with chemical additives should be rejected. In order to relieve scalp inflammation, we need to use mild and natural products as much as possible. It is important not to use too many care products on top of each other when cleaning and caring the scalp. Let the scalp get enough 'breath'. The use of hair mask can effectively reduce dandruff. In addition, the use of special dandruff products can effectively inhibit the production of oily dandruff.

3. Let the scalp breathe fully

The scalp needs us to be gentle. Experts point out that people don't pay attention to the use of scalp care products. The worst thing is that the residues are not completely cleaned after use. In addition, do not abuse products such as gel, stereotyping sprays, and free spray. Excessive use of such products will have a harmful effect on the health of scalp. In the process of using such products, try to avoid keeping them on the hair for too long. In terms of nursing, experts suggest that you can use professional hair care products after shampooing, such as latex massage on the hair, then gently comb the hair. In addition, in the case of scalp itching, drop a few drops of tea or eucalyptus essential oil on the scalp, which can effectively relieve discomfort.

4. Frequent Shampoo

Emmanuel also advised people not to wash their hair every day. This Recommendation applies to all types of hair. If you wash your hair too often, the sebum on the surface of the scalp will be cleaned up, and the scalp will lose its protection. The immune ability to attack the outside world, such as air pollution, strong wind, temperature changes and so on, will decline. Shampoo too often can cause damage to hair quality, or itching of the scalp. Therefore, it is most appropriate to wash your head every two to three days.

5. Put the hair in different temperature environment

After washing their hair, most people will go out of the bathroom with wet hair or dry it at high temperature. Changes in temperature can affect scalp health. We should avoid exposing our hair to high temperature. After shampooing, we can use a towel to gently wipe the water off the hair, wait for it to be half dry, and then take care of the hair. Although this process lasts a long time, it has many benefits for hair.

6. Bad habits

Experts pointed out that dandruff is not only caused by improper hair care or skin problems, but also by bad living habits. Emmanuel suggested that people should pay attention to healthy diet and drink less alcohol in their daily life. Just like people's face will become loose and waxy yellow due to long-term smoking and drinking, and their scalp will also have health problems due to poor living habits.

All in all, scalp care is essential. People should use mild hair care products as much as possible to make them breathe fully; do not wash the hair too often to lose the nutrition of the scalp; after using the hair care products, it must be cleaned to avoid the residue affecting the health of the scalp.