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What is the theme of 2017 Baidu alliance summit? Video viewing address of 2017 Baidu alliance summit Recently, the Baidu alliance summit triggered a heated discussion. The theme of this Internet Summit is "intelligent revolution ecological evolution". Baidu, together with hundreds of alliance partners, explores the infinite possibilities of AI in the future. Let's take a look at the details of this summit.

The 2017 Baidu alliance summit with the theme of "intelligent revolution and ecological evolution" was held in Chongqing on May 23. Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, Xiang Hailong, senior vice president of Baidu, President of Baidu search company, and many executives came to the summit to discuss the way of thinking in AI era and the evolution of Baidu alliance with hundreds of alliance partners and Internet entrepreneurs. Starting from this summit, the 15-year-old Baidu alliance is striving to create a new ecosystem of boundless wisdom and win-win, driving AI to empower 800000 alliance partners, and driving all walks of life to open the door to the new world of artificial intelligence.

The way of thinking in the age of AI

"The Internet is just the front dish, artificial intelligence is the main course.". At the 2017 Baidu alliance summit, Robin Li put forward the epoch-making significance of the era of artificial intelligence. He said that before the advent of the Internet, people could communicate with others, but people and things could not communicate. After the advent of the Internet era, the communication efficiency between people and people increased. But the age of artificial intelligence has fundamentally solved the problem of communication between people and everything.

From abandoning the remote control to watching smart TV without any money, the voice technology is no longer limited to the use of mobile phones, but expanded to daily home, and the visual technology is finally moving from online to offline. Artificial intelligence is rapidly sweeping the lives of the general public at an amazing speed. But for Baidu, the steps of "making the complex world simpler by using technology" are not limited. From the "Apollo" plan of "let the unmanned car fly into the ordinary people's home" to Baidu's "looking for people" to help the lost family reunite quickly, all confirm Baidu's new positioning, which also means that the future of artificial intelligence has come.

"The future is coming, but you are not a part of the future, what will happen?" facing the typical anxiety of entrepreneurs, Robin Li shared his new way of thinking in the era of AI.

Mobile phones will exist for a long time, but the opportunity of mobile Internet is not much. The era of AI has come, and the latter can't keep up with the new era just based on mobile phones.

From think mobile to think AI。 Robin Li takes the internal meeting as an example. The product manager of mobile products will pay more attention to things such as fonts and buttons. When the product manager of AI product introduces the product, he will take out chips from his pocket to explain the application of technology and the way of thinking is quite different.

The combination of hard and soft awakens all things. In the era of PC and mobile, Internet companies pay more attention to software, but in the era of AI, they need to think more from the perspective of technology and experience. Microphone technology in voice interaction and lidar and other sensors in driverless cars are the embodiment of the combination of software and hardware.

Data seckill algorithm, algorithm to promote social progress. In the era of AI, the more 'clean' data, the stronger the AI's deep learning ability, so Baidu engineers came to the conclusion of 'data seconds killing algorithm'. But Robin Li said, "what really drives social progress is algorithm instead of data". Watt reinvented the steam engine, which really pushed the industrial revolution forward.

Using AI thinking to make Internet products can realize dimension reduction attack. For example, compared with typing input, voice input is dimension reduction attack. Robin Li said that changing the way of thinking as early as possible can stand at the forefront of the times.

Four empowering and win-win interconnection of all things

In the intelligent age of Internet of all things, every device, every content and every scene has great potential to reach users. However, we need to overcome the pain points caused by the single fight, such as incomplete media capacity, single coverage channel, data fragmentation, weak level of intelligence, and less advertising resources. Otherwise, the liquidity of its traffic resources will be greatly limited.

Introducing to Hailong, Baidu alliance will open up four capabilities, build a new alliance of Zhilian, multi screen and multi terminal, and help more partners to participate in the marketing transformation of "Internet of things", sharing huge business opportunities: expand content production and distribution channels for online and offline partners through media capabilities, and lay a solid foundation for realization; based on strong online data acquisition and processing capabilities, and online Complete software and hardware layout, form a complete user portrait through online and offline, guide advertising; open the industry-leading marketing technology, including two-way interaction technology, cross-channel linkage and other intelligent means to give partners, improve the delivery effect; share Baidu's massive advertising master resources accumulated for more than ten years, one-stop platform tools and perfect service capabilities. With years of accumulation in the field of marketing and advertising, Baidu will give the largest extent to its alliance partners, help eliminate pain points, put strong wings for flow realization, and achieve rapid growth.

Building a new ecology of alliance in AI Era

Deng Mingsheng, general manager of Baidu alliance, pointed out that in the past 15 years, Baidu alliance and its partners have shared weal and woe and grown together. Up to now, Baidu alliance has divided 40 billion yuan into alliance partners, 14.2 billion yuan in 2016 alone, a new high, among which 20 top club members of the alliance have shared more than 100 million yuan.

In line with the belief of "making our partners stronger", Baidu alliance will continue to output the core capabilities accumulated in 15 years, establish the intelligent ecological alliance in the AI era, and lead our partners to embrace artificial intelligence. Deng Mingsheng said that Baidu's alliance partners in the AI era will include from web media and content partners to mobile phone manufacturers, operators and apps, and will even cover ubiquitous screens and terminals. With the help of Baidu AI core technology, Baidu alliance will aggregate the screens and terminals of all scenes, provide capabilities for online and offline media connection, realize all terminals as media, and help partners realize intelligent evolution. In addition to technology, Baidu alliance will also create a four in one 'AI entrepreneurial new ecology' for its partners in terms of resources, operation and management, so as to explore and cultivate more AI entrepreneurial heroes.

Under the new cooperation ecology, Baidu alliance will continue to carry out the high share plan. Deng Mingsheng announced a new share policy of "two percentages, one diversification" at the summit site: content share and Baidu's partners who gather screen will enjoy 100% share; mobile baidu not only provides partners with CPI and CPA cooperation mode, but also provides them with CPA + CPC mixed cooperation mode, so that partners can get more information from mobile Baidu's Continuous benefits from rapid development.

Partner for 15 years from 0 to n

As the earliest, largest and most influential Internet all industry ecological alliance established in China, Baidu alliance has gone through 15 years, with many partners relying on the alliance to complete the accumulation from 0 to 1, realize the leap from 1 to N, and move from start-up to maturity. "The past 15 years of development from mature to giant are not only the 15 years of China's Internet development, but also the 15 years of Baidu's development, and also the 15 years of our alliance partners working together with Baidu. The alliance partners have worked together with Baidu to create countless miracles and experiences numerous storms. "Said Wang Lu, vice president of Baidu.

At the scene, the representatives of partners from the era of PC, mobile, artificial intelligence and Baidu alliance have successively come to the stage to talk with Wang Lu about the ups and downs of the Alliance for 15 years.

Standing at the entrance of the new world of artificial intelligence, Baidu alliance adheres to the open thinking of "embracing all rivers and embracing all things with wisdom" and ecological win-win, empowers the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to all industry partners, explores, upgrades, expands and renews the sharp and boundless business model, which will drive the intelligent upgrading and leap of the whole Internet industry and even the whole society.