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How many games can Ke Jie win against alpha dog after alphago defeated the world go Master Li Shishi last year, it is now going to have a man-machine century battle with the world's No.1 Ke Jie. After alphago upgrade, according to the analysis of professionals, the chances of Ke Jie winning a game are very small, so how many games can Ke Jie win against alphago? Where can I watch the video of Corzine versus alpha dog? Let's have a look!

Alphago defeated world go Master Li Shishi last year. Now, it will challenge a whole team of go masters, CNBC reported on May 23.

This week, deepmind will take alphago to China to compete with go players. It is said that unlike the previous one-on-one competition system, alphago will challenge a team of five world's top go masters.

However, alphago will compete with current world go champion Ke Jie before challenging the whole team. Alphago has yet to make a public appearance since beating Li Shishi in March last year. Alphago did play several games a few months ago, but it wasn't until later that he revealed his identity. In one of the games, it happened to beat COE Jie.

Alphago's defeat of Li Shishi last year is considered an important achievement in the field of AI. Because go is much more difficult than chess, and its potential moves are endless, it is more difficult to predict the next move of the opponent.

In 1997, IBM's' deep blue 'supercomputer made headlines by beating chess world champion Kasparov. This is the first time a computer has beaten a champion. But alphago is much more powerful than 'dark blue'. It is not built by researchers according to the book, but partly relies on enhanced learning technology, which makes the system more and more intelligent through repeated trial and error.

Although it may not have much practical use to kill the four sides in the chessboard game, alphago shows the ability of the underlying AI technology. Deepmind's AI technology has previously helped operate its large data centers more efficiently, and deepmind has also used AI to improve its own applications.

This week's game not only shows alphago's IQ level, but also shows how alphago will work with human players. It is reported that alphago will cooperate with gulee in a competition, and compete with his opponent composed of Lianxiao (go Master).

The Games will start at 10:30 a.m. on May 23, Beijing time, in Wuzhen. Deepmind will broadcast the games live on YouTube.