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Efficacy and function of fried semen Lepidii

People usually choose to take the stir fried seeds after taking them. The stir fried seeds are good for the body, and the stir fried seeds can bring many benefits to the body. In this way, the stir fried seeds can also get a lot of functions and functions good for the body. The seeds also have a lot of therapeutic effects, but they are generally used for health preservation, It can also improve the phenomenon of joint numbness. What are the effects and functions of fried Tingli seed?

Efficacy and function of semen Lepidii

Warming lung, eliminating phlegm and benefiting qi, dispersing knot, dredging collaterals and relieving pain. It is used for cold phlegm, asthma and cough, chest and flank swelling and pain, phlegm stagnation in meridians, joint numbness and pain, phlegm dampness flow, Yin gangrene, swelling and toxin.

Usage and dosage of Tingli seed

Oral administration: decoction, 3-9g; Or into the pill, powder. External use: appropriate amount, wash in boiling water or adjust and apply at the end of grinding. Diuresis and detumescence, suitable for life; It should be fried for treating phlegm, drinking, asthma and cough; Lung deficiency, phlegm Yin, asthma and cough should be roasted with honey.

Taboo attention of Lepidium

1. Those with asthma and cough due to lung deficiency and swollen spleen should not take it.

2. "Bielu": long service makes people empty.

3. Herbal Classics: it is not good for people with weak spleen and stomach and lack of true Yin. Where the swelling is full, the water cannot be made due to spleen deficiency, and the water vapor overflows; Urination is blocked. If there is no Qi in the bladder, it is forbidden by the law.

4. "Materia medica then read": cold drink, Yin water and other syndromes and weak, can not be used.

In the above content, we introduced the various effects and functions of fried Tingli seed. When eating this Tingli seed, we must pay attention to the reasonable dosage of the drug and not add too much at one time. Whether it is for disease treatment or health preservation, we need to strictly follow the above instructions to help ourselves get the purpose we want, And taking fried Tingli seed should also pay attention to the taboos.