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How about nut pro? Is nut Pro worth buying? Detailed evaluation of nut Pro

How about nut pro? Is nut Pro worth buying? Detailed evaluation of nut Pro a few days ago, the cross talk of science and technology circle was loud. Mr. Luo launched a new hammer technology product, nut pro. This conference can be called a reversal drama. But when people think that nut mobile phone is a popular face, Mr. Luo announced the appearance of mobile phone at the last moment in a way that he always did not play according to common sense, which made the whole audience scream with hammer powder. Mr. Luo even choked: "if there is a day for silly X in the future With our cell phones, you know, it's for you Let go of feelings, personality and paranoia, but from the perspective of a mobile phone, this nut Pro can be called the shoulder of the phone's beauty, so how is the overall performance of nut pro? Is nut Pro worth buying? Let's take a look at the detailed evaluation.

Appearance aspect

Nut Pro mobile phone is known as "sharp and different in the era of smooth road" by Lao Luo. It continues the original design idea of T3 mobile phone. Based on this idea, it changes the style of hammer in the past. It adopts the design feeling similar to Apple iPhone 4 Classic double-sided glass, adopts the two-stage design style of front and back, and integrates the square and strong style of smartisan T1. The short rounded corner design is polished around the R corner, which looks more beautiful Like the excellent design vibe shot of Lenovo in those days, the combination of two elements of metal + double-sided glass makes the whole look like a classic artwork.

The front of nut Pro mobile phone adopts a 5.5-inch 1080p resolution screen with a pixel density of 403ppi. The frame is similar to the frameless ID design style of a certain video phone. The black version is very similar to the frameless effect in the resting state. At the top of the screen is the front 16 million pixel camera, and the most right side of the front lens is the hidden breathing light. When charging, the green indicator light appears. In the middle is the design of the combination of the earpiece and the photoreceptor concave.

The lower part of the body screen of nut Pro mobile phone is the chin made of frosted metal. The span between the two materials of metal and double-sided glass makes people have a double surprise. It's smooth and flexible. The gold circle around the round home key has no raised feeling, which is much better than the hand feeling of the hammer M1. It integrates fingerprint identification function, supports pressing operation and light touch return.

On the side of nut Pro mobile phone, there are sim card slots on the top left. You can insert two nano SIM cards, one nano SIM card and one micro SD card (up to 128GB) to support all Netcom. On the right is an integrated volume +, - button, and power button, which return to the unified design of public mobile phones.