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How to prevent asthma

Spring and autumn is the high incidence period of asthma. How can we effectively prevent asthma? Let's have a look~

1. Don't cut down your clothes

It depends on whether the children are wearing enough clothes. There is an indicator to see whether the children's hands are warm. If they are warm, it means that the thickness is appropriate. If you are doing outdoor sports, you can appropriately reduce your children's clothes. Don't suddenly reduce your clothes. Slowly reduce them, so that the children can have a process of adaptation.

In addition, we should pay attention to the lack of sweat on the back of children. Generally speaking, normal children will not sweat if they don't exercise and wear appropriate clothes. After a lot of activities, if they sweat too much, it means they wear too much.

2. Try to avoid contact with the source of infection

Adult asthma is different from children's asthma. Children's asthma is mainly related to the cold, so let the baby touch the source of infection as much as possible. For example, if an adult has a cold, he should try to contact less children, which should be known to all.

In addition, it should be noted that carriers of bacteria and viruses are also common in healthy people, and the bacteria or viruses they carry can be transmitted to people around them. So in spring, try not to take children to places with many people, such as supermarkets, parties and other occasions.

3. Do not change the living environment of children

For children with poor immunity, do not change their living environment. Children with poor adaptability and small environmental changes are likely to cause infection. In the period when children's immunity is poor, try not to take them to play in other places. If you want to take them out for outing and exercise, you need to take good care of their body first, and then go out after their immunity is enhanced.

4. Treat the patients as soon as possible

In the spring of cold epidemic, many children will catch cold one after another. The early symptoms of most children's cold are not serious. Many parents think it's not very serious. In order not to let children form the habit of relying on drugs, they will give their children antibiotics.

In fact, this practice is not very good for adults. Don't say that children with poor resistance are sick. No matter whether they are big or small, it's better to go to the hospital at the first time. Because parents don't necessarily understand the best indications of drugs or treatment methods, they miss the best time of treatment, making small lesions large and large lesions disordered.