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How to prevent lung cancer in order to better prevent lung cancer

Now men are much more likely to have lung cancer than women, because there are too many smokers, how to prevent lung cancer? Do a good job of prevention in advance~

Ways to prevent lung cancer

1. Keep away from tobacco

Smoking has been proved to have a great relationship with the occurrence of lung cancer. To a large extent, people's risk of lung cancer can be reduced by staying away from tobacco. No matter how long the history of smoking, as long as there is determination and perseverance to quit smoking, when is not late.

2. Actively carry out physical exercises

Physical exercise can increase vital capacity, enhance their immunity and improve their health. Studies have shown that those who regularly take part in physical exercise are much less likely to develop lung cancer than the average person. A 20 minute physical exercise every day can make people more energetic, improve their immunity and reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Be alert to 'lampblack'

Be sure to keep the kitchen ventilated and turn on the lampblack machine at the same time of ignition; do not turn off the lampblack machine as soon as you finish cooking, and turn it on for at least 3-5 minutes; do not wait for the oil pan to smoke when cooking, and use less frying cooking method; the living room and bedroom should be separated from the kitchen to avoid the polluted kitchen air entering other rooms. For the friends living in the countryside, the indoor coal stove and coal stove should be equipped with chimneys, which should be cleaned frequently and kept unobstructed. New house decoration, we must use environmental protection materials,. It is suggested that people should be ventilated for at least three months after decoration.

4. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in food

In particular, eating foods rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, trace element selenium and other foods can reduce the incidence of lung cancer. Vitamin A can maintain the integrity of cell membrane, maintain the normal metabolism of epithelial tissue, and block the process of cell carcinogenesis. It can be ingested more consciously. The liver content of sheep liver, chicken liver and other animals is the most. At the same time, we should live a regular life, be in a happy mood, combine work with rest, exercise our bodies, and increase our ability of disease prevention and resistance.