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Which is better, Intel 8-generation I3 or 7-generation i5? Performance comparison between Intel I3 8

The seventh and eighth generations of Intel processors normally sold on the market now. Previously, due to Intel's long-term "toothpaste squeezing" strategy, the performance improvement of each generation of intel core processors over the years has been very small. Therefore, many users prefer to choose the previous generation products. However, this generation (eighth generation) of Intel Core series processors can be said to have a qualitative leap. Let's take the I3 8100 and i5 7500 as examples to see the difference between the eighth generation I3 and the seventh generation i5. How can we choose to be more cost-effective?

Is I3 and i5 comparable?

For a long time, core I3 has adopted the design of dual core and four threads, but the new eighth generation core I3 adopts the design of four cores and four threads, which is the same as the specification of the seventh generation i5. Therefore, the eighth generation I3 can be compared with the seventh generation i5

Why do many players prefer to choose the previous generation products?

Take the familiar i5-6500 (sixth generation) and i5-7500 (seventh generation) for example. They don't have much difference in actual use, but the price difference of the motherboard is more. Usually, the CPU motherboard just launched will be more expensive, so many players will choose the previous generation processor for installation.

However, in the face of Intel's eighth and seventh generation processors, it would be unwise for you to choose with this kind of thinking.

Comparison of I3 8100 and i5 7500 parameters

Through parameter comparison, it is not difficult to find that the parameters of the eighth generation I3 8100 and the seventh generation i5 7500 are basically the same, they are all four cores and four threads, the L3 cache is 6m, and the power consumption is exactly the same, but the core architecture is different from the main frequency.

In terms of performance, there are many online evaluations. The comprehensive performance of the i5 7500 is about 5% higher than that of the I3 8100. However, combined with their selling price, the cost performance of the I3 8100 is definitely second to that of the i5 7500.

Summary: which is better, the eighth generation I3 or the seventh generation i5?

The answer here is obvious. The performance difference between the eighth generation I3 and the seventh generation i5 is only 5%, and the price difference is nearly 400 yuan. It is wise to choose the eighth generation I3.