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How many times can I be a bridesmaid? How many times can a bridesmaid be a bridesmaid?

the bridesmaid is a supporting role and cannot be more beautiful than the bride. When the wedding march played, a new couple walked slowly along the red carpet, all eyes on them, people applauded, smiled, blessed & hellip; & hellip;, and at the same time, had a private comment.

'what a beautiful Bridesmaid!' was an awkward compliment. Some beautiful women, without "self-knowledge", volunteered to be bridesmaids, let others not to say no, not to say yes, in a dilemma.

Be a bridesmaid when you are young. At that time, the scars of love were few and far away from the threshold of their marriage. They could walk through the scene easily and gracefully, taking a lot of shots. Some girls are addicted to being bridesmaids, but some old people say they can't get married more than three times, otherwise they are in danger. One of my friends is not superstitious and has been a bridesmaid eight times.

If you are old, don't be a bridesmaid. When I become a bridesmaid again, my heart is always sour. There are many inexplicable feelings, even tears. The feast of life, dizzy happiness, unforgettable memory, everything, the protagonist is not himself!

The happiest bridesmaid is the one whose boyfriend is the best man. The rehearsal of two in and two out, the exercise of flying together, the simulation of a perfect match, is more exciting than any kind of love talk. Her face was flushed with happiness and beauty, and she smiled sweeter than the bride.

There are also girls in the boudoir who are waiting for words. When they become bridesmaids once, they are forced to match the bridesmaids. At the next wedding, they are all promoted to the leading role. A wedding banquet, usually a blind date meeting, a marriage, can produce more beautiful marriage.