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What does the bridesmaid do on the wedding day? What should be paid attention to as a bridesmaid?

requirements for bridesmaids

1. Dress requirements

Bridesmaids, as the name implies, are the "companion" of the bride, so it's better not to rob the bride of the limelight in the makeup. The whole thing is to make people feel: the bride is too beautiful! The bridesmaid is also good! Specifically, it should be done: 1) make-up should not be too thick, and the bridesmaid's light make-up is appropriate. 2) don't expose your clothes too much. The bridesmaid should not be more colorful than the bride's clothes, and don't choose ordinary clothes. It's enough to highlight your identity as a bridesmaid. Generally speaking, bridesmaids are not allowed to wear red, black and white clothes. It's better to wear skirts. The colors are mainly warm pink. 3) avoid bright jewelry. If it's not good to match with jewelry, it's OK not to wear jewelry.

2. Capability requirements

There are two main tasks for bridesmaids: one is to accompany the bride to appease her mood, the other is to assist in handling wedding affairs, and the other is to have the ability to handle emergencies. 1) appease the bride's mood during the wedding. At the time of marriage, sometimes the bride is too nervous, sometimes she can't cry because she leaves her parents. In addition, because of the trivial things in the wedding, there will be quarrels and disputes between the bridegroom and the bride. At this time, the bridesmaid needs to accompany the bride, comfort the bride, and make her happy, so most of them Bridesmaids are the best girlfriends of the bride. 2) assist in wedding affairs. Generally speaking, before the wedding, the new couple will give some tasks to the bridesmaid. For example, remember to bring jewelry and dress for the bride, help the bride to take her friends to the venue, or help the bride to manage the red bag & hellip; & hellip; at this time, the bridesmaid should be careful and make sure that the things that she tells you are done properly. There were news reports that the bridesmaid lost the red bag of the bride, and the final wedding was very unpleasant. Most of these things happen Born on a careless bridesmaid, you have to remember that bridesmaids help, not play.

3. Emergency handling

There are a lot of unpredictability in the wedding process. At this time, the bridesmaids have to have the decision-making ability.

Duties and work of bridesmaids

Bridesmaids should be familiar with the order and process of the wedding. Make clear the name list and contact information of the person in charge of each work. It is better to know the details of each stage of the program in advance, and make clear the tasks in each link. Be prepared for the small problems that will occur on the wedding day. If there is no supervisor at the wedding site, the bridesmaid needs to contact all the wedding staff, including the arrival time of the bridegroom's reception team, the control of the door blocking time, and giving the bridegroom some tips when necessary.

Welcome notes

During the bridegroom's wedding, the bride should still make up, and the bridesmaid should pay attention to the process of the bridegroom's wedding team at any time, inform the bridegroom of the distance in time, so that the makeup artist can grasp the time. When the bridegroom arrives at the bride's house, pay close attention to the time when the door is blocked. At this time, the friends who block the door often have trouble for the bridegroom. If the bridegroom is stuck, the bridesmaid should remind him in time. So as not to delay the wedding process.

Welcome notes

When greeting, if the bridesmaid receives the red envelope with the unknown surname from the guest, she must confirm the guest's name on the red envelope with the new person at the first time. Otherwise, the new comer will be affected in the future.

Duties of bridesmaids

Precautions for replacement

The bride's changing dress is the most trivial and the most important part of the whole wedding. At this time, the bridesmaid must communicate with the emcee at any time to remind the make-up artist to pay attention to speed. When the bride changes her clothes, she should quickly help the bride pack the previous set of clothes and accessories. After the bride completes the dressing change, inform the master and arrange the bride to enter according to the master's instructions.

Follow up matters

After the wedding, the bridesmaid should safely hand over the new couple's items, red envelopes, etc. So far, all the work of bridesmaids has been completed.

What bridesmaids do before weddings

The bridesmaid will accompany the bride to do some private things, such as choosing wedding dresses, buying wedding returns, and of course, beauty and depilation & hellip; the day before the wedding, the bridesmaid will live with the bride, mainly to check and confirm the items needed the next day, check whether the dresses, jewelry and other small items are neat, and also prepare the items they need 。

Explain what bridesmaids do on their wedding day

The bridesmaids must have the following items:

1) Bridesmaid bag: a beautiful and generous Bridesmaid bag with convenient opening and closing and safety is indispensable. 2) wedding process table: the specific time period and program name, the name and contact information of the person in charge of each work must be specified in the table, which can help the bridesmaid to coordinate at any time. 3) pen: in case the red bag sent by the guests does not have a name, it must be written as soon as possible and then put into the bag. 4) water: put two small bottles of water in the bag, and bring a straw for the convenience of the bride to drink 5) pin: if the bride's wedding dress and dress are locked, it is necessary to prevent emergencies. And in case of any other situation on that day, it can also be used conveniently. 6) paper towels: wet and dry paper towels should be carried with you, which will be used in many places during the wedding. 7) bride's sundries: the bride's phone, wallet and other things that may be used by the new couple, such as comb, mirror, hand cream, chuangketie, etc. & hellip; & hellip;

Wedding day details:

1. Before the reception: the bridesmaid accompanies the bride to get up together, grooms and makes up, and makes final preparations for the reception room. Hide the shoes, take charge of all kinds of difficulties after the reception team comes, and of course, receive the red envelope from the bridegroom. There is a standard for creating difficulties. We should not only have fun, but also grasp the difficulty and everyone's mood.

2. On the wedding ceremony: 1) stay with the new person at any time. Especially when a new person is on the stage, the best man and the best woman must wait on one side of the stage. 2) always pay attention to the new image. For example, help the newcomer to simply arrange the suit hem, dress hem and headdress, and call the makeup artist for support if necessary. Accompany the bride throughout the wedding, always pay attention to the bride's dress and makeup, and provide timely help. For example, when the bride walks onto the stage from Xilu and turns around, pay attention to helping her dress arrangement. When the bride is more excited, she should give a sign to provide face tissue in time. 3) pay close attention to the needs of new people. The most important thing for the best man and the best woman is to have 'eyes': it's the best man's job to open the door, pick up the things in the hands of the new man and help them free their hands to maintain a good manner; when the new man is thirsty, hand over the water; when the new man's eyes are filled with tears, hand over the paper towel in time. Many bridesmaids forget rest and hunger because they are busy or excited. The best man and the best woman must remind them. 4) get familiar with the personal belongings and staff arrangement of the new person, so as to help the new person better coordinate and share. Bridesmaids should be especially familiar with the shoes, underwear and accessories that need to be matched with the bride's dress, and take care of the ones that are replaced. 5) link cooperation: in the new exchange of vows, keepsakes and kisses, the bridesmaid holds the bride's bouquet and pays attention to her own way of holding it. 6) when on the stage, the bridesmaid should always smile, stand tall and confident, and do not let her eyes wander or daze.