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How to choose good houses in a community? What are the congenital conditions for good houses

Buying a house is a very important thing. Where to buy a house, you will have what kind of life experience, and how to choose a good house suitable for yourself from a large number of houses in a community? Generally speaking, a community often has multiple buildings, and the comfort of living on different floors is also different. So how to choose a good house suitable for yourself? In fact, the following five factors can be investigated.

1、 Daylighting problem

First of all, the building spacing should not be too close, because generally speaking, the higher the building height, the wider the building spacing it needs. Ordinary residential buildings can be calculated by the ratio of building height: building spacing = 1:1.2.

Secondly, if the building spacing is too close, the density between buildings will be large, and the smaller the area that the sun can shine on. The consequence is that in addition to the dark light and the need to turn on the lights in the daytime, it will also make the temperature in the room low and humid.

2、 Landscape problems

According to experienced buyers, the location with good greening in the community is more livable, because the area with more greening not only has a wide field of vision and good landscape, but also can purify the air and isolate noise and dust, so as to create a good living environment. Of course, the price of green areas will also be higher.

If the location of the building is relatively good (there is no high building shelter, and there is a well-designed community landscape in front of the building), even the residents on the lower floor can enjoy a better landscape. Therefore, buyers who pay more attention to the quality of life should choose buildings with better landscape vision when selecting houses.

3、 Travel problems

When looking at the house, if the salesperson says that the community is very close to a subway station or bus station, you must carefully confirm how far the building where the house is purchased is from the subway station or bus station? Which door in and out of the community is more convenient? If it is located in the innermost building of the community, especially far from the gate, it is difficult to really get the convenience of life.

If buyers often drive in and out of the community, when selecting houses, they should pay attention to the distance between the selected building and the parking lot, otherwise the travel will be seriously affected in bad weather such as wind and rain. In addition, we should also pay attention to the distance between the houses and the entrance and exit of the garage, the traffic trunk road in the community or close to the road.

4、 Life problems

At present, the residential area of many new districts is very large, especially the large-scale buildings developed in multiple phases. Developers will build living supporting facilities, such as sports equipment, dustbins, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., but these supporting facilities can not fully meet the needs of each building owner. Therefore, we should also consider the distance from supporting facilities in the community.

In other words, the distance should be moderate, neither too close nor too far. If it takes more than ten minutes to go to the supermarket to buy a bag of salt, it really affects daily life.

5、 Pollution problem

We should also focus on various pollution sources in the community. Therefore, when buying a new house, try not to buy a house close to various pollution sources, such as noise pollution, odor pollution, dust pollution, etc., especially when there may be square dance and other activities in the community square, the noise pollution will be more serious. In addition, there are houses close to the viaduct, and the dust pollution will be more serious.

Therefore, houses far away from the streets and community squares are the hot houses everyone wants, but the price of such houses is generally higher than other houses in the community.

In addition, it is best not to buy a house close to the gate or side door of the community, a house close to the garbage collection station and gas station. Therefore, in order to consider the quality of life in the future, if you have sufficient economic strength, it is recommended to choose a more comfortable house.