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How often do you change your underwear? Is it good to change your underwear

How often do you change your underwear? Is it good to change your underwear if you wear underwear every day, do you know how often to change it? Many women wear underwear. It usually takes a long time to change it. In fact, after wearing one end of the underwear, it needs to be replaced. When is the best time to replace the underwear? Let's have a look!

How often do I change my underwear

In fact, the underwear is generally deformed, which can not help set off the chest well, so it needs to be replaced. This depends on the use of underwear.

1. Sometimes the underwear you wear is not very good. When you raise your hands and feet, the underwear will take its place. This situation is very embarrassing, especially when the cup is constantly moving up, many mm have to pull their clothes and chest in public, which is really very indecent.

2. The cup will run up, usually because the bottom edge of your underwear, that is, the place of the iron ring, is too loose. More commonly, it is not clearly identified at the time of purchase, resulting in the wrong size selection of your underwear. The chest Cup is too shallow and can only float on your chest like a plate. In this way, when you raise your hand, your underwear will naturally follow.

3. First, the underwear is too small and loose, and the shoulder belt is easy to slip after moving up; Second, choose the wrong shoulder belt style. Everyone has different shoulder types, including wide shoulder, narrow shoulder, flat shoulder, shaved shoulder and so on. The styles suitable for different shoulder types are also different. For example, people who cut shoulders should pay special attention to the shoulder strap design of underwear, which should not be too outside. They should choose those retracted designs, so that it is not easy to slide down.

4. If you have underwear that often slides up and makes you have to pull down, Congratulations, you can change your underwear again. The chest Cup moves up. Either the cup of this underwear is bigger than yours, or the underwear begins to loosen. In other words, this phenomenon means that if the underwear is not suitable for you, it is old. At this time, she has lost its supporting role and should be changed.