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Summary of precautions for running before or after meals

Summary of precautions for running before or after meals running is some of our most common sports. In addition to losing weight, it can also make our body healthier. Some people advocate running before meals, and some people think running after meals is better. Is it better to run before meals or after meals? How long can I run after dinner? Let's have a look.

Is it better to run before or after dinner

In fact, it depends on the situation. There are no specific requirements. In fact, the best way is to suit yourself.

1. Proper running and jogging can play a role in fitness. Let the running time be before or after meals, but there needs to be a time limit. The daily running time, if it is before meals, needs to run an hour before meals, and it is over. Daily running, if you choose to run after meals, you can run half an hour after meals to avoid gastroptosis and indigestion.

2. Because everyone's physique, exercise intensity, time and exercise purpose are different, we can't arbitrarily say which to choose. It's best to choose in combination with our own actual situation.

3. For example, if you have time, you can go running after eating 2 hours in advance. If you are short of time, you can rest for 1 hour after running. In short, you can choose according to your own needs and conditions. Just pay attention to the interval.

Precautions for running

1, in addition to serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, lower extremity disabilities or a history of injuries that are not suitable for sports, running can be called broad-spectrum antibacterial. Before any sport (including running), I suggest readers to have a comprehensive physical examination, so that professionals including doctors, running coaches and senior runners can know their physical condition, injury, sports habits and running posture characteristics in detail, so as to make reasonable judgments and give suggestions on exercise intensity, training methods, precautions, etc.

2. Compression clothes and compression legs are relatively professional equipment, which can reduce the ineffective tremor of muscles and accelerate the return of blood. Moreover, they are really handsome.

3. Sports watch and heart rate band are necessary sharp tools for serious runners. It can monitor heart rate in real time, display pace, mileage and time-consuming. The style with rich functions can also display step frequency, step length, center of gravity fluctuation, GPS track, altitude, temperature, air pressure, etc.

4. At the beginning of long-distance running, because the oxygen supply lags behind the activity needs of muscles, there will be phenomena such as heavy legs, chest tightness and asthma, especially those who often don't exercise will feel stronger, but this is normal. If you feel uncomfortable, you should stop and walk for hundreds of meters, and take a combination of running and walking.

How long can I run after dinner

In fact, one to two hours is the best, in order to make the body better recover.

1. It's best to exercise after an hour. During the half-hour break, you'd better be comfortable and talk more happy things with your family. This not only ensures a good mood, but also promotes the digestion of food.

2. The harm to the body of the sports team after a meal is very serious, because after a meal is the peak of gastrointestinal digestion. If we exercise immediately after a meal, the blood will flow to the moving muscles and bones, resulting in the obstruction of the gastrointestinal digestion process, which will lead to abdominal pain.

3. In terms of exercise intensity, light exercises such as walking, walking, square dance and Taijiquan can be carried out for half an hour to an hour after dinner. Moderate sports such as jogging, weight-loss exercises and cycling can be carried out one to two hours after dinner. High intensity sports such as long-distance running, rope skipping, playing football and basketball should be carried out two to three hours after dinner.

4. According to the amount of meals, if the amount of meals before exercise is large, and the food is mainly protein and fat, these foods are difficult to digest, it is best to exercise more than two hours after dinner. If the amount of meals is small and the food is mainly carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits or liquid food, the interval between eating and exercise can be relatively shortened according to the intensity of exercise.