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What are the eight practical skills commonly used in word office software?

Eight practical skills commonly used in word office software

1: quickly insert the current date or time

When we use word office software to edit documents, if we need to insert the current date or time of the system at the end of the article. Usually, we do this by selecting a menu. In fact, we can press Alt + Shift + D to insert the system date, and press Alt + Shift + T to insert the current system time.

2: fast multi use format brush

In word office software, there is a way to copy the format multiple times quickly: double click the format brush, you can copy the selected format to multiple locations, click the format brush again or press ESC to close the format brush.

3. Quickly remove the bottom line of the word header

If you need to quickly remove the horizontal line under the word header, we can use the following four methods:

A. you can set the horizontal line color to 'white';

B. when entering the header and footer, set the table and border to none;

C. enter header editing, select paragraph mark and delete it;

D. the last way is to replace the header in the style icon bar with the body.

4: quick printing of multi page table titles

If you need to print multiple page table titles quickly, you can select the subject line of the table, and select the title row repeat check box under the table menu. When you preview or print the file, you will find that each page of the table has a title. Of course, the premise of using this technique is that the table must be paginated automatically.

5. Quick change of text font size

In the word size drop-down menu, the Chinese font size is from 8 to the beginning, and the English font size is from 5 to 72, which is more than enough for ordinary office workers. But in some special cases, for example, when printing posters or organ propaganda wall newspaper, larger font is often used, so it is a little troublesome to operate.

In fact, we can also quickly change the font size of the text: first select the relevant Chinese characters in word, and then click the font size drop-down list box on the toolbar with the mouse, and directly type in the value to quickly change your font size. And this technique is also applicable in Excel and WPS 2000 / office.

Tips from SDN: in fact, there are two ways for SDN to quickly change word text size:

A: after selecting the text, press Ctrl + Shift + & gt; to quickly increase the selected text size by 10 points, and press Ctrl + Shift + & lt; to quickly decrease the selected text size by 10 points;

B: after selecting the text, press Ctrl +] to increase the selected text point by point, and press Ctrl + [to decrease the selected text point by point.

6. Quick setting up and down annotation WPS

First, select the text to be superscript, then press Ctrl + Shift + = to set the text as superscript, and then press again to restore to the original state; press Ctrl + = to set the text as subscript, and then press again to restore to the original state.

Tip: for details, please refer to the article "magic Ctrl key in word XP" in the early stage of this magazine. Mastering some shortcut keys is of great significance for quick and efficient operation of word.

7: quickly promote text to title

First, you need to position the cursor to the text to be promoted to the title. When you press Alt + Shift + & larr; key, you can promote the text to the title, and the style is Title 1. Then press Alt + Shift + & rarr; key successively, you can reduce Title 1 to Title 2 and title 3 & hellip; & hellip; Title 9.

8. Quickly cancel automatic numbering WPS text

Although the function of automatic numbering in word office software is more powerful, according to the author's trial, it is found that the automatic numbering commands are often disordered. In fact, we can quickly cancel automatic numbering through the following methods.

1: when word automatically adds a number to it, you just need to press Ctrl + Z to undo the operation. At this time, the automatic number will disappear, and when you type the number again, the function will be disabled;

2: select "tools" -- "AutoCorrect Options" command. In the open "AutoCorrect" dialog box, click the "AutoFormat as you type" tab, then uncheck the "AutoNumber list" check box as shown in Figure 1:, and finally click the "OK" button to finish.