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How to play Jingdong financial expansion bag introduction to rules of playing Jingdong financial exp

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How to play Jingdong financial expansion bag introduction to rules of playing Jingdong financial expansion bag on the occasion of double 11, in addition to tmall Taobao, also withdrew from the function of's expanded blessing bag, which attracted the attention of many friends. How can play with the expanded blessing bag? Let's look at the rules of play.

You can get three medium, large and super large Lucky Bags by participating in the Jingdong expansion lucky bag activity. Send your activity to your friends. Click with the help of one friend to open the medium lucky bag. You can get a cash red envelope from Jingdong small vault and a Jingdong payment cash voucher. Then invite more friends to help, you can open the large and super large lucky bags, You can get up to 99 yuan of cash red envelopes and JD payment vouchers. You can withdraw cash and receive it three times for a personal test of 3 yuan of cash red envelopes. An account can only help others once.

Entrance: Jingdong financial app - mine. There is a suspended '99 yuan cash' blessing Bag Icon on the right. Click in and share it with friends. One friend can click to get a medium-sized blessing bag. At present, the probability is 0.5 cash and 20-3 payment vouchers.

1. Participation process: the initiator can open the activity on the activity page, and can only open the activity once a day. After opening the activity, a part of the progress will be obtained randomly. For the remaining progress, friends need to be invited to help. When the progress bar meets the acquisition requirements of each blessing bag, the blessing bag can be obtained and opened.

2. Unpacking the blessing bag: after unpacking the blessing bag, you can get one or more rewards at random, subject to the final actual reward, and all the rewards will be received within 24 hours.

3. Help from friends: the initiator can share the activity with other users. After the user clicks help on the activity page, he can add a progress bar for the initiator. A user can only help one user once in the same day.

4. Activity invalidation: the activity will expire on the day when the user opens the activity. If the user has obtained the blessing bag on the day but has not opened it before the activity expires, the blessing bag will also expire!

In addition, you can also enter Jingdong shopping applet; Click the small icon of winning cash red envelope on the right side of the page (the icon of a small balloon) to enter the activity page of song guessing game. You can participate in it many times a day, and guess correctly 3, 6 and 10 times per game, that is, you have the opportunity to get the cash red envelope and value-added Beijing coupon from Jingdong small Treasury (I played it many times and got a cash red envelope of 0.58 + 0.88 yuan). Participate in the national song guessing at 10 p.m. every day, If you answer correctly 10 times in a row, you can divide 100000 cash red envelopes.

Tips for Xiaobian: the first medium-sized blessing bag is a little simpler (you can click to open it with the help of one friend, and you can help each other with your friends). Note: JD's old users can participate directly, and new users need to register. The cash from the small Treasury is generally transferred to the account of JD finance's small Treasury in seconds, and can be withdrawn directly from JD finance to the bank card without any restriction.