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How many colored eggs are there in the venom

The film venom has been released and has won high praise from Marvel fans. Of course, the most worth mentioning about the venom is its large number of colored eggs. Let's take an inventory of the venom colored eggs and have a look with interested friends!

Venom: the deadly Guardian inherits two glorious traditions of Marvel films: 1. The mainland drags on for a month. 2. With a large number of tribute eggs.

"Venom" was officially released at 0:00 on November 9, and the director of "venom" Reuben & middot; Frescher is a big fan of marvel. He revealed some of the eggs in the film long before the film was released. Compared with Spider Man 3, a film with venom, this film venom: deadly guardian is more original. If you don't see many comics, you will miss a lot of colored eggs in the film.

1. At the beginning of the film, the life foundation's space shuttle has an accident. Almost all the crew died immediately and brought alien symbionts to earth.

The only survivor was a man named John & middot; James's astronaut. This is John & middot; James's astronaut in Marvel comics is spider man boss J & middot; Jonah & middot; James' son.

John made his debut in the first issue of spider man. In the cartoon, he is indeed an astronaut. In an accident, spider man saved John's life. Spider man thought that saving the son of the boss of the horn daily would make old James feel good about himself. On the contrary, old James hated spider man even more, because spider man squeezed out his heroic position in his son's heart.

2. In the cartoon, little James once brought back a moon gem during a space mission, which can turn him into a werewolf.

In the spider man animated film, John & middot; James once again performed an alien mission. This time he brought the venom symbiont back to earth. The film pays tribute to this clip directly.

3, in the cartoon, Addie lives in San Francisco, is a columnist, he is famous for his connection with a serial killer, but he wrongly regards the informant as a suspect, while the real criminal is caught by Spiderman. Eddie was discredited because of this mistake.

And director Reuben & middot; Frescher inserted Eddie in San Francisco, which is a tribute to the event in the cartoon.

4. The global daily mentioned above first appeared in the cartoon "extraordinary Spider Man", more than Eddie & middot; Bullock has been on the stage for decades. In the 27th issue of the comic book "extraordinary Spider Man", Peter once sold his photos of spider man to another newspaper, which had a man named Barney & middot; Bushkin's editor, he was very curious where Peter got the picture. The curious editor appeared in the film.

5. In the cartoon, Eddie & middot; Bullock has a strange hobby: weightlifting. When Eddie lost his job in the global daily, he devoted himself to weightlifting. Although Eddie is a literary worker, he is addicted to iron rolling.

In the movie, Eddie's obsession with weightlifting is restored. There are many dumbbells in Eddie's home.

6. The venom first appeared on the last page of the 299th issue of Superman by David & middot; Michelini and Todd & middot; Macfarlane. In the film, Anne worked at michelini McFarlane law firm, which is a tribute to the author of the film.

7. In the movie, Anne was also possessed by venom and turned into female venom. There is also such a plot in the cartoon, but the female venom in the cartoon is very violent & hellip;

8. Black spider man was originally created by a man named Randy & middot; Schuler fans suggested that Marvel's editors paid $220 for the idea. In the movie, Eddie & middot; Bullock's apartment is called the Schuler building, which is a tribute to fans of venom.

9. In 1993, venom launched its own cartoon, the first issue of which was written by David & middot; Michelini and Mark & middot; Bagley wrote, and then Bagley gave up venom because of something. One is Ron & middot; Lin's editor took over the next work.

In the movie, when Eddie crosses a street in San Francisco, there is a drugstore called Ron LIM (RON & middot; Lin) on the street.

10. In the cartoon of venom, the life foundation captured the venom and forcibly split five secondary symbionts from it and put them on the members of the organization. They shouted: howling, whip, swallowing, extreme pain and riot.

There are a lot of these venoms in the film.

11. In Marvel's cartoon venom: hunger, when the venom first ate a person's brain, the chemicals in the brain made the venom unable to stop. This chemical also exists in chocolate, so the venom quit the brain and ate chocolate instead.

At the end of the film, the venom promised not to eat the head, but to eat chocolate is a tribute to the comic plot.

12. The life foundation in venom organizes the symbiosis to cure cancer, which pays tribute to the cartoon. Eddie has cancer in the cartoon, and the venom cured him.

13. Because of the agreement between Sony and marvel, spider man will not appear in venom, and the venom cannot use the classic Spider Man logo.

In the film, the director skilfully bypassed the agreement. When the venom chest was injured, a white line healed him. This line is a short return of the venom logo.

14. The venom said such a line: 'there are so many snacks for eyes, lungs and pancreas that there is no time to eat.' This is the line that venom said to spider man in the cartoon.

15. The scene of violence tearing venom in the film pays tribute to the third issue of the cartoon venom: the Holocaust. However, in the cartoon, it is not riots that tear the venom in the same way, but another symbiont - fierce poison.

16. Mr. Stan Lee's resident egg & hellip;

17. At the end of the film, woody & middot; Harrison's Clitus meets Eddie. In the cartoon, Cletus is the host of the most brutal symbiotic slaughter. In venom 2, Cleitus may be one of the villains.