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Why is Chinese Lenin so Quaker Lenin's prototype called Gulliver

Why is Chinese Lenin so Quaker Lenin's prototype called Gulliver "I am not the God of medicine" has been highly praised by the audience since its release. It is a film that focuses on the analysis of human nature, China's medical system and medical level with the clue of 'Lenin', a special drug for the treatment of leukemia. Lenin in the film has attracted people's attention. Let's have a look.

Is Lenin Gulliver

In fact, 'Lenin' in the film is the Swiss greavel. It is an anticancer drug with oral administration, little side effects and disease inhibition. It is the best choice for many cancer patients. But the high price has forced many patients to linger on the line of life and death.

Why is Lenin the most expensive in China

It is understood that gleevi sells more expensive goods in Chinese mainland than other countries. The price of Korea is about 3000 yuan / bottle, and the price of Hongkong China is about 17000-19000 yuan / bottle, the price of the United States is about 19000 yuan / bottle, while the Chinese mainland sells for 25800 yuan / bottle. Why?

Greavel is a specific drug developed by Novartis in Switzerland for the treatment of cancer, which is regarded by many medical experts as a medical miracle. As a patented drug, Gleevec's patent is strictly protected by law. However, because Gleevec is a special drug closely related to human life and health, the international patent law allows a country to implement patent compulsory license and copy this drug under special circumstances.

Article 50 of the Chinese patent law also clearly stipulates that "for public health purposes, the patent administration department under the State Council may grant a compulsory license to manufacture and export the patented drugs to countries or regions that comply with the provisions of the relevant international treaties to which the people's Republic of China is a party." But this law, like the 'Sleeping Beauty', has never been implemented. Because this is too complex and involves the interests of many departments.

Although these special drugs are extremely expensive in China, any imitation is not allowed. Domestic imitation is illegal, and it is not easy to buy verat (Indian Greaves) from India. Inverat has no drug license and is legally considered to be a fake drug, so the customs inspection is becoming more and more strict.

Foreign pharmaceutical companies have identified China's huge market, rare goods can live in, monopolize the price, so the price remains high. In addition, the selling prices vary from country to country, including non patent factors. The price of anticancer drugs imported from China is falsely high. For example, the tariff on imported drugs in China is generally 5-8 percentage points, and 15 percentage points will be added if drugs are sold to hospitals. The sum of the two accounts for more than a quarter of the pricing.

How much is a box of Lenin

The great success of Gleevec in the treatment of CML and gist has aroused great concern in the medical and scientific circles. However, as in the film, its price is also very expensive in reality. It is said that the price of each box in China is nearly 20000, and each box can only eat for one month. The price of Indian generic drugs is about 200 per box. For ordinary families, Indian generic drugs are life-saving magic drugs.