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Is one plus 6T worth buying? How about one plus 6T configuration

One plus mobile phone now the hottest mobile phone is one plus 6T. Many friends are paying attention to this mobile phone. Is this mobile phone worth buying? The following small series will analyze the parameters and configuration of this mobile phone, you can refer to it!

One plus 6T configuration parameter reference

1. Appearance: one plus 6T is fingerprint identification in the screen, water drop screen, the screen size is 6.4 inches, and the resolution is 2340 & times; 1080, screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9, screen proportion is 86%, AMOLED material.

2. Operation: 5g

3. Functions: dual rear cameras, super flash charging function, super clear night scene and night shooting function

4. Processor: Xiaolong 845 processor

5. Storage: 8 + 128G starting storage